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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week “6”

Grab a beer and loosen your sweatpants, we’re watching football while you try to digest all those carbs.

Welcome, everyone, to another week of Where We Be, What We Be Drinking. This week we’re emerging from our food and comas double fisting some coffee to try and make our holiday quarantine sound a lot more fun than it actually is (dear god I miss having plans I was constantly trying to get out of). All right let’s get to it.


I’ll be sitting at home in lockdown drinking leftover cranberry cider and scotch (either Lagavulin or Talisker). Lunch and dinner are obviously going to be thanksgiving leftover chaos sandwiches, I don’t know what you expected. Also, Thumpasaurus recently convinced me to try Jager for the first time since I was like 22 and now I’ve got a taste for it like a shark that smells chum in the water, so that will be in the mix as well if I have something to celebrate this afternoon.


Tampa, FL once again. Might head a few miles south to Sarasota to hang on the beach there. Black coffee will be with me wherever I am, seeing as I already know I will have weight to shed come Saturday.


I’ll be in NE Florida and if the weekend goes the way I expect, I’ll be cracking a new bottle of Balcones Texas Pot Still Bourbon. It’s my new favorite.


*scrolls up * *copy +paste *

I’ll be at home with my family. Like I am. Nearly every hour of every day.


Home. Miller Lite. Rinse. Repeat.

Dead Read

Downtown Lincoln. Leftovers.


Up at the cabin in northwestern Wisconsin for a second go-round at Thanksgiving dinner! Will we survive to eat this meal, given that the prior night we’ll be having New York strip, for some reason? WHO CARES? Shovel more stuffing into my mouth. Because the MIL is insistent upon making a “new kind of dessert” and asking the wife behind my back if I “need to have pumpkin pie” [spoiler: fuck and yes], I’m baking a maple syrup pecan pie and bringing it with. And when the FIL proclaims it better than whatever shit cookies or bread or tart she makes, I’ll enjoy the dirty looks I get. Oh, drinks? Probably a Summit sampler pack, some Glenfiddich if the FIL is in the mood for scotch, and maybe a little wine just for good measure. Time to get drunk in the Northwoods.


I’ll be hiding in a cabin in Northern MN with a couple books and a dog and some Jameson 18. We’re going fancy while out in the middle of nowhere.

Candystripes For Breakfast

Possibly at a Friendsgiving, possibly just at home. Less sure than usual, but this is also a weird time of year in an already weird year.


I’ll be at home in Chicago with my wife, drinking some Goose Island IPAs while my Wildcats play her Spartans.


Lockdown. Probably malort.


Going to my mom’s to help her decorate for Christmas. It’ll be nice to have something to do while Nebraska gets their butts kicked. Probably drinking Lacroix. Lime.

Ok so listen that’s what your “writers” are doing this weekend, and obviously it’s the exact same thing we’ve been doing for months. So help us out by going down to the comments and sharing what you’re doing this weekend. Going hiking because your game got cancelled? Great! Opening a new bottle of bourbon you’ve been waiting to try? Awesome! Hanging out on the couch with your kids? Hell yeah let’s enjoy game day any way we can!