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Wisconsin-Purdue canceled, as should the Big Ten season be.

It’s not worth dying for Ohio State (and Nebraska).

Purdue v Northwestern Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Yes, Wisconsin will not play host to Purdue this Saturday.

Twenty-seven total cases. Presumably, because that’s more cases than last week, this is a team that also will not be able to play against Michigan next week.

Oh, and Wisconsin—much like the rest of the Midwest—is a hotspot where coronavirus is only getting worse. Only the Dakotas are worse than the Badger State, and other Midwestern luminaries like Iowa (5th in cases per 100K), Nebraska (7th—incidentally, the highest ranking Nebraska has seen since 2016), and Illinois (8th) rank high.

So no, Nebraska, this isn’t a school that’s ducking you (so please shut the fuck up); Ohio State, it cannot possibly be worth you showing up in the College Football Playoff that other teams are losing at least a quarter of their season.

As of right now Northwestern—assuming they stay upright and mostly COVID-free—are the front-runners to get their doors blown off in the Big Ten Championship.

And here’s the fucking rub: NONE OF THAT MATTERS.

It does not.

It never will.

You are putting at risk the health and safety of not just those 27 cases in the Wisconsin program, but any of these unpaid players who, despite Trevor Lawrence’s NFL Draft stock TOTALLY RISING as they all #WantToPlay, will be subject to unknown or under-researched (though not for lack of effort) health risks in the future.

All so the Big Ten could cash checks and the Buckeyes could maaaaybe make the Playoff.

This is nothing new. You all know this already.

It just bears repeating.

Stay home, wear a fucking mask, and for the love of God, cancel the season.

It’s not worth it.