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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week “3”

Hope you’re not sick of looking at maps yet

Welcome to Friday everyone! It’s WWBWWBD, the weekly segment where your beloved “writers” pretend that their binge drinking is just something we do on the weekends and not what we’ve all been doing since March. This is the most important map of the United States that you’ll see all week, so let’s get to it:


It’s been a weird damn week and I honestly have no idea what I’m doing tomorrow. I’ll probably just order a pizza and sip on what remains of my pumpkin beer stash. I have a 4 pack of barrel aged Spooky from Blue Mountain that I’m particularly looking forward to. I’m hoping Iowa scores first so I can tweet out “STOP THE COUNTING” and then turn the game off, having secured victory.


My folks rolled in from PA to hide from the ‘vid and the cold. We’ll be celebrating with scrapple and eggs for breakfast and brisket for dinner. Knowing my dad, there will be scotch. I’ll be drinking a valpolicella ripasso with dinner and a manhattan with my mom later.


Purdue ain’t playing thanks to WisCovid. I’ll either be at home or work. Meh.


I’ll be at home, watching the cats and preparing for a baby shower the next day. Probably drinking local brews.


Counting down the days until I get home for a vacation. I’ve been cutting down sugar recently, so I’ll probably have some black coffee and water.


I expect to be either home or at Thumpasaurus’s place, consulting with our hound correspondents for some podcast content. Got some cider that needs to move, so we’ll find something to mix into that.


Oh snap Andrew, probably gotta go to Costco at some point, because Kirkland Signature spiced rum is the very best thing to mix with cider

What am I not drinking?


Apparently on the in-laws’ deck for a breakfast brunch at 9:30am. Why? No fucking idea. Game? Who knows! If I ever make it home, I have a sixer of Martin House Bockslider that I’ve smuggled back from Fort Worth Brewing, along with some assorted Surly sampler cans and a crowler of a Oaked Black IPA from AEGIR Brewing in Elk River. Maybe some popcorn for eats, but largely drinking away the heartburn that’s commonly associated with an NU-UNL showdown.

Candystripes for Breakfast

B1G Noon Kickoff means I will be sleeping through most of IU-Michigan, only getting up in time to see some part of the 4th quarter, probably. Thus, an iced coffee will be my drink of choice for our game, with various Coca-Cola products to follow once I get to work for the rest of the afternoon and evening slate.

Dead Read

I will be in beautiful downtown Lincoln. I will be eating Mexican food. I will sleep, I will lounge, I might stay in sleeping clothes all weekend.


I’ll be enjoying a perfect fall day in the Twin Cities with my oldest as she decides what we do for the day. Will there be football? Probably. Will there be some golf? Almost a certainty. Will there be some ridiculous cheeseburgers? Absolutely. And after this week, I can’t wait to do all that. Hopefully she’ll want to squeak the Gophers game into the schedule.


I’ll not be joining my idiot friends at Friend’s Thanksgiving this year. Because they’re being idiots, and getting 30ish people together. In Iowa. During this pandemic. So I’ll be at home with my family. Like I am. Nearly every hour of every day.


I will be watching the funeral of a college friend online during Nebraska’s game, because 2020 has robbed us even of the ability to mourn together. In honor of one of the kindest, gentlest people I have ever known and someone who undoubtedly made the world a better place, please do something kind and thoughtful for someone else today. It is the best way to honor her I can imagine.

Brian Gillis

I’ll be in Redondo Beach this weekend. On my couch for the early game. As for what I’ll be drinking - better make mine a double.

That’s what we’re doing, but this is a community event so head down to the comments and let us know how you’re spending game day. Whether you’re drinking bathtub gin with to forget about your team’s transitive loss to Rutgers or eating a plate of nachos off your tummy in a room lit only by the soft glow of Steve Kornacki’s big board, we’d love for you to share!