B1G Survivor 2020 Week 4

Another week, another round of upsets in B1G football! Assuming OSU holds on in their game tonight (they're up 35-3 at halftime as I type this), underdogs have won 8 of the 19 league games so far this year. That has led to three consecutive weeks of mega-carnage in B1G Survivor. Last year we had eight players make it through 14 weeks without getting tripped up. This year, we've gone from 76 down to 3 in the span of 3 weeks. I guess I should have expected something like this in 2020.

Here are the three remaining survivors. The first grouping of teams listed is that of who's been picked, and the second grouping is the first grouping's opponents. If a team is listed twice in the second grouping, it is bolded, and cannot be picked against for the remainder of the year.

Green 96 (Mich, Ind, Minn) (Minn, Rut, Ill)

Nick Leivers (N'w, Pur, Minn) (Mary, Ill, Ill)

rutgersmillionaire (Rut, Ind, Minn) (MSU, Rut, Ill)

Congrats to the three of you for making it this far!

Here is the Week 4 Schedule. All games are on Saturday unless otherwise noted.

Iowa @ Minnesota (Friday)

Indiana @ Michigan St

Illinois @ Rutgers

Northwestern @ Purdue

Penn St @ Nebraska

Ohio St @ Maryland (canceled d/t COVID)

Wisconsin @ Michigan (questionable d/t COVID, looking more promising for UW than previous weeks)

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