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Big Ten Football Week 8 RIVALRY WEEK Preview in MS Paint Infographics

lol nothing matters pls listen to pod

Hey look at this, there are still some football games that aren’t cancelled due to COVID-19!

Anyone who was informed and honest with themselves knew this was going to happen, and that’s why it was hard to get too attached to or invested in this season. If you were sweating it out because you’re an Ohio State fan, don’t worry. This season was all for you, and Oklahoma, Alabama, Clemson and anyone that could seriously challenge them (pipe down Indiana, you know I’m not talking about you, you’re merely Great). The rest of us found joy where we can, but it wasn’t all that different than it would have been if we’d simply simulated the season in a video game like we planned to. (I’m still not talking about you, Indiana fans. You’re special!)

Canada, which has for a long time treated its rank-and-file citizens substantially better than the United States has theirs, is set to roll out a coronavirus vaccine next week, and even if we had the approval at the same time, you can bet they’d get it to everyone at a per-population rate substantially higher than what we’d be capable of. Sorry, not “capable of,” more like “willing to.” Think of how upset the institutional shareholders of Pfizer and BioNTech would be if the U.S. simply provided the vaccines to people without extracting every red cent possible from them. It’s a good time to be such a shareholder, because despite the rising cost of living, the act remains quite popular and people are still willing to pay enormous sums of money to avoid easily preventable death.

This won’t change in January, by the way.

Canada has the Great Lakes too you know.

(I don’t want to be including paragraphs like that in here, so if I still do next year, I hope you know where the blame lies)

podcast! with MNW again!

it’s 1:00 eastern so i’m not gonna write out what we talked about! but please listen anyway!