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Big Ten in the CFP Top 25: Just doing it for Ohio State

Plus, somehow, the Gators are still an NY6 shoe-in, with Indiana and Northwestern on the outside looking in.

NCAA Football: Indiana at Ohio State Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Hooray, more College Football Playoff rankings, and they’re just as stupid as ever.

The Rankings

1. Alabama Crimson Tide
2. Notre Dame Fighting Irish
3. Clemson Tigers

4. Ohio State Buckeyes

5. Texas A&M Aggies
6. Iowa State Cyclones
7. Florida Gators
8. Georgia Bulldogs
9. Cincinnati Bearcats
10. Oklahoma Sooners

11. Indiana Hoosiers

12. Coastal Carolina Chanticleers
13. USC Trojans

14. Northwestern Wildcats

15. North Carolina Tar Heels

16. Iowa Hawkeyes

17. BYU Cougars
18. Miami Fluoride Hurricanes
19. Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns
20. Texas Longhorns
21. Oklahoma State Cowboys
22. N.C. State Wolfpack
23. Tulsa Golden Hurricane
24. San Jose State Spartans
25. Colorado Buffaloes

B1G and Other Thoughts

  • Great, congrats, Ohio State gets the prestige of beating Northwestern for the Big Ten Championship.
  • Florida loses and drops one fucking spot. Just annex Ohio State, SEC, and we can go back to not giving a shit about any of this. Let the other 13 teams play for the Rose Bowl berth. I don’t want to bother with caring about these assholes. Lose at home to unranked LSU—no matter how shoe-throwing stupid it might’ve been—and drop one spot just so the committee doesn’t have to come to terms with overranked Georgia (or any of the SEC teams, for that matter).
  • Notre Dame beats Clemson, Ohio State beats Northwestern, Iowa State beats Oklahoma in the Big XII Championship. The Cyclones should be in, right? (I know they won’t be. This is all so motherfucking stupid.)
  • Oh wait, oh wait, that’s right, that’s two-loss Iowa State. And apparently The Athletic writer Nicole Auerbach had some questions about that:
  • All that happens, save the last one—and Cincinnati beats Tulsa. The Bearcats should have been in, right? Instead they fall to #9. behind three two-loss teams. Oh, and Tim Brando—I know, right?—has thoughts:
  • Somehow Texas A&M is the winner of the last round of realignment. I dunno. Me neither.
  • Come to think of it, how the fuck is Iowa State #6 despite having two losses?!
  • Rank the Chants (higher), you cowards.
  • I would’ve thought Miami and Florida both losing—along with Indiana being inactive—would push Northwestern up a spot or two, but it remains “win and in” for the ‘Cats to show up in an NY6 bowl. That’s kind of a bummer, given Northwestern’s profile, but whatever. I blame Gary Barta.
  • Doubtful, but I’d be mildly amused to see Indiana rest their way to an NY6 bowl—say, if Coastal or Cincinnati (or Oklahoma) were to lose.
  • Speaking of Barta, it would’ve been infuriating had Northwestern lost to Ohio State, Iowa beaten Michigan, and the Hawkeyes—who deserve nothing for starting their season shit and slow—jumped the ‘Cats as Barta slaps the ass of his secretary and thanks her for the cup of coffee.
  • Go San Jose State.

Off to die mad about it; have a good night.