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Big Ten Football Week 8 Recap & Review, Championship Week Preview: Is Ohio State The Alabama Of Clemsons?

Lovieball is over, all hail Rodball

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Michigan State Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

What did Santa get the Big Ten this year?

Why, it’s Illinois at Penn State!

Just what we all dreamed of getting this year! Thanks Santa!

So, are you travelling for the holidays today? Take a listen to our Week 8 recap, featuring:

  • The end of Lovieball: five years of coaching summed up in one afternoon
  • Was Wisconsin ever actually any good?
  • Greg Schiano for Big Ten Coach of the Year!
  • What happened to Scott Frost’s offense? Did the Chair get too big?
  • What to make of a decidedly mixed bag in Mel Tucker’s first year

But surely your drive is longer than an hour, right?

Well, rev yourself up for Saturday with our CHAMPEENSHIP WEEK PREVIEW!

  • Why are we doing this again?
  • How does Northwestern overcome the odds and lol never mind
  • When you talk about Justin Fields and Ohio State’s Ryan Day, well, you just think about what Nick Saban’s done at Alabama and Tua TagoMAC JONES that’s the guy, and then Clemson, but you can’t overlook Devonta Smith, and boy I tell ya when I look at Ohio State, I just see Notre Dame-Alabama, and when you talk Heisman, you talk Playoff, you talk Championship, the EYE TEST says OhEYEo State boy this is a guy who was a blue chip recruit and we talked to him earlier this week about taking that next step and really being a DIFFERENCE MAKER on this Notre Dame offense and oh my god shut up
  • illinois plays penn state and why is this happening
  • no bucket
  • no iowa-michigan
  • what’s the point of all of this anyway?

There’ll be Scott Frosts for roasting and Lovies for toasting, let’s talk about how much they blow

There’ll be adversity stories and tales of the glories of title games long long ago