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The Huskers aren't bowling, and that's okay

Nebraska v Northwestern Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

These opinions are mine and mine alone. I asked for no review or input from the staff. Want to yell at someone? Come after me. I'm a man, I'm almost 40.

Nebraska opted out of the bowl season, and that’s okay. From the press release, the choice was given to the players themselves, and the players elected to finish their season. I’ve read plenty of opinions on why this was a BAD DECISION, and I’d like to take a few minutes to get you thinking differently about some of them.

But they screamed for the season to be played!

Nobody denies the Cornhuskers leadership were among the most vocal advocates for playing this year. Many gave them shit about it. Ultimately, though, if there were any university presidents/chancellors who were adamantly against the season, they didn’t let that be known publicly. If you’re going to lean on this opinion, first ask your university leaders why they were not stronger in opposition.

But they thought rules don’t apply to them!

Nebraska did try to schedule a pickup game with Chattanooga. Big Ten told them no. Words were had, feelings were hurt. Scott Frost gets paid an incredible amount of money to not only coach football, but to politick for his team. Not a great position for that argument, but trying to get the best situation for your football team is the job of the football coach. The decision makers are supposed to have a broader view of repercussions. In this case, the Big Ten told Frost and company no.

But they wouldn’t have opted out of the CFP!

Would you have bought merchandise if they had lost in the American Express Bowl? No? So you’re telling me there’s a difference between a meaningless bowl game and the playoffs. Huh.

But other teams are playing! Are they tougher?!

Fuck you. Your quarantine experience has been rough, as has everyone else’s, but you’ve still been around your family. You have no idea what these 18-22 year olds have had to do the last three months to play a game for your entertainment. These are unpaid students you’re talking about. They aren’t professional athletes you can put in a bubble, they have to go to class, avoid being around others their age, get poked constantly, and TRY to avoid getting sick so they don’t let down their teammates. You really want to question their toughness, theirr resiliency, or their dedication to a game? Get some perspective.

But this doesn’t align with my political stances!

But fuck Nebraska!

Look, nobody is saying you should like the Huskers. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. I’m hoping you’ve been convinced to not use their opting out of a bowl game as a point of attack. Celebrate tough decisions made by mature, rational adults. If a good choice follows a string of bad choices, support and encourage the good choice. You can still poke them in the eye about everything else. Most on here wouldn’t want it any other way.