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Big Ten Football 2020 Week 7 Preview in MS Paint Infographics

sorry for the low volume but pls listen to podcast

Welp, here we are with two weeks to go in the regular season and one weird-ass postseason thing.

This football season has lost most of its meaning to me. I’m obviously stoked to have beaten Nebraska and I’ll be jacked if we win any more games, but even though it’s early December, I still find myself looking forward to college football season and waiting for it to start.

Doesn’t really feel like it’s been college football season, does it?

Well, the weather is getting back to where it was in early March, so at this point you can’t convince me the last nine months have even happened.

Anyway, Illinois Basketball is going to be playing some high-profile games this year and ought to remain ranked in the top 20 throughout the season.

The games will be played in silence. This is easily the best Illini team since 2005, and there will be no crowd there to punctuate those iconic moments.

Oh, also, most of our hospitals in populated areas of Michigan are near capacity and boatloads of Americans are dying every day. So that’s also a bummer.


Maybe you’ll get more than three next week if you’re on your best behavior, listen to our podcast and call demanding that your state and federal government act to help people and businesses that can’t make ends meet right now. They owe us something, god dammit. If you’re pissed off, they need to know that you’re pissed off and more importantly that you expect them to do something about it, and that every day they don’t, you get more pissed off.