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Weekly Mailbag Request is slogging through things.

Note the distinct lack of Spartans around the Buckeye with the football?
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Good evening. Ohio State is really good, but it might not be enough. Indiana is pretty good. Everyone else is mediocre (at best) and none of that matters either. I’d like to get more excited about things, but even with the Gophers not losing yet again yesterday I found myself having more fun going through the Nature Illuminated exhibit at the Minnesota Zoo than I did watching any of the games. Even you, wiscovid. When I can’t even get excited about the badgers getting defeated by a better team named “Indiana” you know things are bad. At least I took some joy in my Manchester United defeating MNW & Creighton’s Directional Pork United yesterday morning? Good job getting fans in, Hammers.

But here we are yet again. With me asking you to ask us questions. Have fun, be ridiculous, and we’ll get the best of the answered eventually. Hopefully. I promise.

Get out there and have as good of week as you can. Good luck, and remember to turn off your Christmas lights before you go to bed.


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