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How The Entire Big Ten Got To Two Wins: Big Ten Football Week 7 In Review

Not a story we should be proud of per se

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Purdue Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Indiana has six wins. Northwestern has six wins. Ohio State and Iowa have five wins.

Everyone else in the Big Ten has two wins.

Yep. We have what could be interpreted as a 10-way tie for last place!

Let’s take you through how that happened!

1:20: Why the Big Ten NEEDS to make way for Ohio State and admit that this is all about them!
2:50: The College Football Championship League proposal revisited
5:08: okay let’s get Ohio State-MSU out of the way. Does Payton Thorne have frosted tips? How erect are his nipples?
7:10: we’re done with Ohio State. let’s talk about Penn Stategers. What do these two wins say about the Nittany Lions?
9:10: giving more rutger props by way of Bo Melton
11:05: How Illinois pretended to be a football team for 20 minutes. At what point was the game over?
12:10: Why Lovie Smith is constitutionally incapable of defeating Kirk Ferentz and why in-game adjustments are rare.
18:48: a cool story that got buried by Illinois choking again
20:27: ad break
21:27: resume. Trying to talk about Spencer Petras vs Graham Mertz to balance all the time I spent on Illinois
23:42: Ladies And Gentlemen, Bob Diaco
27:00: The worst drive of the football season
28:00: Why Brohm and Frost are more similar than Purdue fans want to admit: coaching vs. program management
30:00: Why Tom Allen can’t get Jeff Brohm level hype
32:30: The Indiana defense addresses every complaint I have about the Lovie Smith defense
34:45: What’s going on in the Wisconsin backfield?
37:13: The Sweat Jeep
37:30: MORMONS VS MULLETS, Rice delivers a curbstomping, Kansas almost does it