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How'd They Do? A B1G Football Preview Review

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 07 Big Ten Championship Game Photo by Jason Mowry/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Missing college football? Yeah, me too. But hey, you and I both ended up in this same shitty non-football bar, how's about we look back at last year and have a chuckle at others' expense?

The Preview and Predictions Article

Way back in August of the year Aught Nineteen, the OTE staff "writers" made themselves a tidy little Preview and Predictions article.

Being that I was not yet dumb enough to do work for free, I was not part of the article. With that lack of accountability, though, comes a certain freedom to point and laugh at those who laid it all on the line. I'm confident this will never haunt me.

So How'd They Do?

True, not great, but let's, uh, lets start from the top and work our way down.

  • First, an unsurprisingly on point MNWildcat gives us:

See Ma? I'm "someone" now!

  • Your 2019 B1G West favorites, Iowa? lol that's the dumbest thing I've read in ages.
  • Oh shit, I take it back. Tied for third was Nebraska and Purdue! WSR's player hatin' ass correctly predicted the Huskers to finish 3-6 in conference, but even he couldn't guess Colorado would get the win in Lincoln. Fortunately, the CU coach is gone and can never hurt a B1G West team again.
  • 5. Northwestern 7-5 (5-4) Key Game: At Wisconsin.
Clip Art used per Coach Fitzgerald’s written instruction.
  • Illini at 1-8 in conference? Fortunately, since no Key Game was assigned, Lovie decided to use it against Wisconsin.
  • 172 "voters" picked Iowa to win the West. Guess you're no better than us.
  • Michigan Wolverines: Is this the year? Nope.
  • Penn State Closing Argument: It’s Not Easy Being Drunk All the Time. I'd beg to differ.
  • BRT nailed Michigan State's record. She also nailed 17 Hawkeye hides to the wall this season. You've been warned.
  • Indiana Hoosiers 5.3-6.7 (2.4-6.6 B1G) Coach Tom (Taylor? Smith? The Toolman?) made a fool of WSR's hatin' ass, with that 1-8 conference record prediction.
  • Wish the Key Game would've been the bowl game against 10-r-see. #9Windiana was one measly point away from reality.
  • #6/#7 Marygers. Well, the preview wasn't entirely inaccurate.

The Best and The Wurst

Best Guesser: MNWildcat. Two perfect guesses and overall closest.

Wurst Guesser: Ray Ransom. I'm coming for that title next year.

Most Predictable: Iowa.

As if it'd be anyone else. Okay, Rutger was close, too.

Biggest WTF: Northwestern. The only one even in the ballpark was BrianB2. Everyone else was in actual Chicago.

You ain't perfect, neither!

Alright, ya bums. I helped to point out the speck in their eyes, now it's time to remove the plank from thine own. Your homework: go through the comment sections and find the worst calls of the preseason, and bring them to light in the comment section below. Homers and haters alike deserve to be recognized for their terrible sports predictions, bonus points for quoting your own stupidity.

Waiting on you, Spring Practice.