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Salute Your Seniors

They can take away our tourney, but they can never take away our memes!

NCAA Basketball: Northwestern at Wisconsin Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, you. Yeah you. Chin up. It’s been a whirlwind week not only in sports but around the globe as entire league seasons and playoffs are cancelled left and right, celebrities confirm virus diagnoses, and stock markets nosedive. As college sports fans we’re all well aware of how the drastic yet necessary precautions being implemented deeply impact the interests of fans and the lives of student athletes and their families. And we can’t find the cure for this disease, no, not until the rec script is done. But! What we can do is dust off our own little spotlights, crank ‘em up full blast, and shine them right at some of our favorite outgoing stars.

Got a favorite senior or bona fide early draft entrant that’s missing March Madness? A softball player that was going to tear it up in her last go-around? An outgoing manager with a great story? Share your kudos with us in the comments; we want to hear from you whether you’re acknowledging someone from Your B1G Champion Wisconsin Badgers or a lovable cellar dweller. All winter and spring sports are fair game.

Raise a glass!