March Memories (first of a series?)

Like the rest of you, I'm dismayed (though also understanding in the big picture, of course) by the premature end of college basketball.

However, as a proud, if unofficial, member of the OTE Lawn Brigade, I also have nearly 40 years of memories of tournaments past. So, in an effort to blunt the pain--and to procrastinate from my now work-from-home job--I'm tapping into those memories. You all should feel free to follow up with your own.

[ed. note: I sure hope others do! Front-paged!]

There are no rules, but try to give yourself somewhat of a degree of difficulty. Don't just share your favorite team's successes, or your rival's worst moments.

For example, I'm setting the bar high from the jump. Here are what I consider to be among the most breathtaking stretches of hoops I've ever seen: the 1983 national semifinal between Houston and Louisville. Everybody remembers 1983 for NC State's huge upset of Houston in the title game, and that was historic. However, everybody knows that story, which overshadows the 1 vs. 2 showdown in the semis.

So, if you want the short version, go an hour in (literally start at 1:00:00). Consider:

1) Houston trails by 6 (soon to be 8), 55-49

2) Players are picking up their fourth fouls with 13:00 to play (it was a different era; in the title game Clyde Drexler got his fourth foul IN THE FIRST HALF).

Now, realize that Houston ends up winning 94-81 (in other words, they're going to score 45 points in 13 minutes).