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Wednesday Gamethread: Jeopardy!

Hey why not

Third Annual Franciscan Games

Okay kids quite a match to go over from yesterday as well as another battle on the docket today. If you still plan on catching up on yesterday’s episode, I love you, but you’re going to run into spoilers here. Let’s take a look at yesterday’s action:


Our returning champion, Sid Katz, played a strong game throughout and maintained steady but not overwhelming control for much of it. Challenger Kris Sunderic struggled for much of the game but deserves kudos for wagering as much as possible on both Daily Doubles he landed on, even if one of them wiped him out completely somewhat late in the game. Sunderic came on strong down the stretch to come within striking distance for Final Jeopardy!, and even though he had his score deducted during the last commercial break on a technicality, Sunderic persevered as the only contestant to respond correctly and win the match. Katz, meanwhile, may look back with regret on his wager for his Double Jeopardy! Daily Double, for which he guessed correctly but only wagered $2,000 of a possible $7,000.

Anecdote Analysis

Kris- Voluntarily offered to the world that his bar trivia team is good and has won several championships in the NYC area. This won’t get you a second date but it’s the Grade A material Kris had to offer on broadcast television. I can only imagine what he’ll have to scrape up if he goes on an extended run. Trebek cut this short immediately, as is his unquestioned right. C-

Nicole- Nicole is the proud catmom of Wolf, a feline she took in and is on the record as being obsessed with, going so far as to call herself a “crazy cat lady.” This also does not earn you a second date, but we wish Nicole and Wolf a lifetime of begrudging passive-aggression. C

Sid- We recounted that Sid is a retired psychologist and he confirmed that while learning is easier to do in youth, it is not impossible in older age. Thanks, Sid. D

A Look Ahead

Our champion Kris returns on a 1-game winning streak for a current total of $16,601.

His challengers for the day are Emmy Crawford, a Program Officer from Arlington, VA, and Andrea Dragan, a Research Compliance Manager from Silver Spring, MD. Here come the Terps!

If you missed our house rules recommendations you can find them here.

Play well out there. Comment below!