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GAMETHREAD, OTE Films: 2006 Michigan @ Ohio State

#1, #2, in a game that forever settled that rematches of regular season games to decide a national title will never be allowed. Right?...uh...RIGHT???

NCAA: USC Beats Michigan 32-18 Photo by John Cordes/Sporting News via Getty Images via Getty Images

Welcome one and all to the second installation of OTE Films, in which we delve into the dim veins of yesteryear to recollect a time when Michigan actually had a good enough team to give Ohio State a game.

This game had the highest of stakes, too; coming in the last weekend of the season, between two undefeated teams, with no conference title games or Playoff semifinals to worry about, the winner was no question going straight to the BCS title game.

Some arguments have since been made that the title game should simply have been a rematch, given how closely these two played each other (I’d say spoiler alert but somehow I don’t think you’re here to watch a 14-year-old game without already having some idea of how this goes). Make those arguments if you want, but good luck getting around Michigan’s subsequent waxing at the hands of Pete Carroll USC.

The game link may be found >> right here <<

Normal gamethread decorum applies - keep your oaths sworn to a moderate level, no porn, keep quarantine pics of your pets to a minimum.

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