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OTE Films Presents: 20?? Iowa Hawkeyes vs Wisconsin Badgers

OOOOOOOH WE’RE HITTING YOU WITH THE CURVEBALL if you want to know which year you’re just going to have to show up, we’ll confirm it’s this century and that’s all you get!

Iowa v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Previously, on OTE Films:

  • Penn State beat Nebraska in a totally valid and uncontroversial classic clash back in the early Jheri curl era.
  • Ohio State outlasted Michigan in a 1-vs-2 battle for a ticket to the BCS Championship Game in 2006 (I’m sure that trip went fine for the Buckeyes).

For our next edition: join us Tuesday, March 24, 8:00 EST/7:00 CST!

The belligerents: Wisconsin and Iowa, but we’re not telling you the year until the gamethread is up. It’s 2000 or later, which means 13 possible Wisconsin wins, 7 possible Iowa wins.

For your further edification, that recent advantage has allowed Wisconsin to take an edge in the overall series record, currently at 48-43-2 in the Badgers’ favor per Winsipedia. Wisconsin held a minor edge early on in the series, Iowa firmly took control when Hayden Fry took over.

Barry Alvarez needed a few years to figure it out, but won his last matchup with Fry and his first 4 with Kirk Ferentz before sustaining his own 4-game losing streak and then retiring himself. Ferentz and Bret Bielema were close to even. But the longtime Hawkeye head coach has had real problems figuring out Gary Andersen and, now, noted enigma Paul Chryst, who currently rides a four-game winning streak against Iowa.