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Big Ten Basketball Weekend Recap: March MSU Muddles Maryland Merit

Wha happened?

NCAA Basketball: Penn State at Iowa
Made you look.
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Saturday, February 29

#18 Iowa Hawkeyes 77, #16 Penn State Nittany Lions 68

This was a helluva fun game, if not quite as intense as the previous matchup in the Palestra. Luka Garza had a rough first half, but then roared to life in the 2nd, just obliterating the paint to the tune of 25 and 17. The last 2 years, Mike Watkins has really frustrated him, but his patience, footwork, and his absolute knowledge of exactly where is on the court at all times, makes him impossible to keep in check all game. This makes 8 quad 1 wins, and 7 wins against ranked teams, the most in the conference. I’m constantly amazed at how well this Iowa team has done this year. So much damn fun.

Aaron: Penn State played Luka Garza about as well as you can play him in the first half, but Garza still ended up with 25 points, 17 rebounds, and four blocks. He’s a bona fide stud. Seth Lundy hit four threes early on and allowed the Lions to keep pace with Iowa’s offense, but the shooting cooled down after halftime. There’s just not enough going on with these role players to punish opponents who double team Lamar Stevens. It was nice to see Myreon Jones back on the court for 23 minutes, but he didn’t have a big impact.

#24 Michigan State Spartans 78, #9 Maryland Terrapins 67

This game featured both sides going full #refs. It was awful, especially considering both teams foul nearly as much as Purdue does, and complain when anything outside of felony assault gets called on their “defense”.

Andrew Karsphorkidski: Michigan State pulled its usual possum act as the calendar turns to March, rebounding from losing 4 of its previous 5 to chalk wins over Iowa and Maryland. The Terps still control the conference, but MSU’s big-picture goals look a lot more attainable with freshmen Rocket Watts and Malik Hall no longer looking like freshmen. Whether Maryland leaves MSU an opening to claim a slice of the title or not, it would be ideal to win out to try and get off of the 5-line for the NCAAT.

Sunday, March 1

Illinois Fighting Illini 67, Indiana Hoosiers 66

Thump: Illinois was 0-2 against big ten teams when da’monte makes a three. AYO GOD DAMN!

Candy: Indiana did a whole lot of work towards knocking themselves deep into the NIT in the last week, and I’m not entirely sure I care any more.

#23 Ohio State Buckeyes 77, #19 Michigan Wolverines 63

No one gives a good goddamn.

justNorthwestern Wildcats 81, Nebraska Cornhuskers 76

MNW: Nebraska. I just...Can Mack was good, Haanif Cheatham was fantastic, Yvan Ouedraogo pulled down ANOTHER rebound as I typed this...and none of it matters because they shot 8/30 from the free throw line. They GAVE Northwestern a game the Wildcats had no business winning because the ‘Cats are a bad team with struggling players and a meaty ochre coach. So I feel for Nebraska today.As for Northwestern, we got to a second win and might get the 13 seed during our worst basketball season for the program in 12 years. Thank God for Nebraska, I guess. But at least the Huskers are trending up.

wisconsin 71, Minnesota Golden Gophers 69

When held to account for the gophers failure, WSR’s entire response was “No”. Suffice it to say he, and all Minnesota fans, should be embarrassed and shamed for losing that game to that goddamn “basketball” “team”.

MC: I missed the crimes but I think I like crimes.


Who should be more embarrassed?

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    Minnesota for losing to them.
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