Big Ten Wrestling Prediction Challenge

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

The Big Ten Wrestling Tournament is this weekend. Do you think you know Big Ten wrestling? Do you want to blindly cheer for your team anyways? Participate in this bracket challenge for the same reason you'd participate in any bracket challenge: the potential affirmation of strangers on the internet!

Just select who you think the champion, runner-up, and third place finisher at each weight, and win absolutely nothing! Each champion pick is worth 5 points, each runner-up pick is worth 3 points, and each third-place finisher is worth 1 point. That means there are a total of 99 points up for grabs. One additional point will be granted for a perfect score, so that it's 100. No reason, I just like round numbers.

If this form doesn't load, go to this link:

[See all the brackets here.]

Also, the seeds are based on the released Big Ten preseeds. Take up your heavyweight complaints with them, WSR