Big Ten Wrestling Prediction Challenge Results

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The Big Ten Wrestling Championships are over (Go Hawks!), and that means we have the results from the Big Ten Wrestling Prediction Challenge. The winner, with 68 of a possible 99 points, is... me. Sorry guys. Here's a link to the results form, so you know I didn't cheat. Points are only awarded where correct, so you can only see when people were right. If you entered with your real name, I've replaced it with your initials.

We received 35 entries, from here and Black Heart Gold Pants (I thought about linking to other sites, but didn't want to intrude). 97.1% of respondents picked Spencer Lee correctly as the 125 champion. 42.9% picked Devin Schroder to get second, and 5.7% got DeAugustino as the third place finisher. 8.6% had Sebastian Rivera winning 133, 22.9% had Roman Bravo-Young getting second, and 20% had Seth Gross getting third. 17.1% had Luke Pletcher winning 141, and 20% had Nick Lee as the runner-up. 34.3% had Chad Red in third. 65.7% had Pat Lugo as the 149 champion, and the same for Sasso as the runner-up. Nobody had Collin Purinton as the third-place finisher. 80% had Ryan Deakin winning at 157, 22.9% had Kendall Coleman as the runner-up, and no one had Peyton Robb as the third-place finisher.

45.7% had Marinelli repeating as 165-pound Big Ten Champion, and 42.9% had Joseph coming in second again. 22.9% had Isaiah White in third. 45.7% also had Mark Hall winning at 174 pounds, and the same amount had Michael Kemerer getting second. 60% had Dylan Lydy getting third. 62.9% had Aaron Brooks winning at 184, but only 20% had Caffey getting second. 37.1% had Venz finishing third. 85.7% had Kollin Moore winning 197, which means 14.3% of you are insane. 28.6% had Schultz getting second, and 22.9% had Warner getting third. 60% had Steveson winning the heavyweight championship of the world Big Ten, and the same amount had Parris getting second. 77.1% had Cassioppi getting third. 94.3% of entries favored the Hawkeyes to win it all, while nobody had anyone but Penn State or Iowa finishing second. 60% had Ohio State finishing third, though I don't think they expected it to be behind Nebraska.

I'm probably going to change things up for NCAAs, but I do want to do this again. I'm going to list a few things I could do. Please voice your opinions if any of these or something else seem like the best solution.

  • Everybody picks 1 champion per weight. For every entry, 1 point is available. Everyone who correctly picked the champion splits the available points. So, if a pick is unanimous, it's only worth 1-point. If it's a real toss-up, it could be worth 2 or even 3. The downside would be it would only include champion picks
  • DraftKings style, everyone has a budget with which to select 10 champions, and better seeds cost more points. Also would only include champions, and would be a lot more work on my end (and could have voided entries).
  • Everyone picks three wrestlers per weight, and are awarded points based on how high they place. This would lead to a lot of overlap between picks.
  • Entire brackets. Fuck no.
  • Everyone picks the All-Americans, and the closer your picks are to correct, the better the result. So if you have someone getting 3rd, you would get more points if they got 4th than if they got 2nd or 5th (since they would have wrestled for 3rd).
  • This again. It wasn't awful, but 133 showed that you can know who the contenders are but get one off on everyone and get no points

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