Floating an idea; gauging interest


Are people over brackets yet? If not, what about the following:

A bracket to determine the WORST Big Ten football team of the last x years?

Because I am bored--and perhaps a bit strange--I already have a Google sheet with about 70 teams that could fulfill the following parameters:

64 teams, 16 per decade from 80s, 90s, 00s, and 10s. If this goes back too far, or is too big and unwieldy, it could easily shrink in overall size and/or time frame (32 teams; last 20 years, etc.)

In terms of other constraints, could stipulate every year must have a representative. Could stipulate that every school needs to be represented at least once (if we go back to 90's, at least, then this is only awkward in OSU's case).

If there's any interest, and if any of the writers (Is that supposed to get quotes? Sarcasm font? Can never remember.) want to be involved, I'm more than happy to hand off the info so it can be run more professionally.

If that sounds like too much work, but there's still interest, then I can do it in the fan posts. If there's no interest, then...well... I'll probably just write a fan post laying out what happened when I ran the tournament with one voter and you can tell me how wrong I am.

But I'm sure there will be interest. After all, we MUST determine how bad Rutgers has been lately. Early 80s NW bad? Worse? And did pre-Barry UW sink as low as post-Tiller Purdue? Indiana and Illinois have each had completely winless teams. That's hard to do! Which one was worse? Was Minnesota at its worst under Tim Brewster or Joe Salem? Nebraska is not (yet) used to being sub .500, but was their worst bad enough to be worse than Rich Rod UM? Let the votes--and insults--pour forth.