Who's Your Team's Bitch?

Six days ago, I was suffering from deep withdrawal.

"My heart was achin', hands were shakin'. Bugs were crawlin' all over me. "My heart was achin', hands were shakin'. Bugs were crawlin' all over me."

I have needs, godammit!! I need sports! And I'm not talking about ESPN sports, but REAL LIVE sports games. I need that tension, that passion, that excitement!! My need is great! I did not know where to turn for solace.

I'm ashamed to admit that I turned where too many troubled people like me turn...No, not pie. I turned to YouTube.

YouTube got me through a tough time in my quarantined life. I am now able to sit down and write about my experience.

While under the influence of YouTube, I realized how Wisconsin has dominated Nebraska since the Cornshuckers joined the B1G. The Badgers said "Welcome to the Big Ten" by handing the 'Huskers a 31-point beatdown in Nebraska's very first Big Ten conference game in 2011. Things did not get better for Herbie and his little friend.

The next year, the two teams met twice. Nebraska tried to stand up to their superiors by winning the first game in overtime, 20-17. That was not a wise thing for the Cornhuskers to do. The Badgers were pissed and when the two teams met later in the year, #WisconsinScoredAgain happened. The Cornhuskers became Wisconsin's bitch in the 2012 conference championship game in Indianapolis, a 70-31 shellacking that was not as close as the score might lead one to believe.

The Cornhuskers got lucky in 2013. They did not have to play the Badgers. But in 2014, a single Badger running back by the name of Melvin Gordon embarrassed not only the Nebraska defense, but the entire cornhusker state, when he rushed for 408 yards. In just three quarters. The "Blackshirts" were white with fear and Bo Pelini was apoplectic! By the way, the final score was 59-24.

For the next five seasons, Wisconsin treated the Cornhuskers like their bitch, running their winning streak over Nebraska to seven.

In all, Wisconsin has outscored Nebraska 369-199 in their nine meetings; an average score of 41-22. Only three times has Nebraska come within 17 points of Wisconsin. Nebraska is Wisconsin's bitch.

The easy assumption was that Minnesota was Wisconsin's bitch, and I'm not saying they are not. But the gophers have, for the most part, at least made the contests interesting and kept the scores respectable.

The Cornhuskers are Wisconsin's main bitch.