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Worst of the 21st: Colletto Regional Final

Neither old, nor oaken, this is the bucket these two deserve.

No one can handle this truth

Today’s honorees were really THAT bad, at least in terms of SRS. But that’s okay, because our Elite Eight matchup more than makes up for it. However, it is important to call attention to the 1993 Big Ten, and the unfinished business that remains.

You KNOW what I’m talking about, right?

How did Purdue and Northwestern not play each other? How did the Big Ten end up with TWO different teams going winless in conference play?

Northwestern (2-9/0-8) was starting to show some life under Gary Barnett, upsetting the #22 Boston College Golden Eagles (as well as beating a Wake Forest team that ended 2-9), but, by the time conference play rolled around, NW was, again, bad. Their first two conference games were against eventual conference co-champs OSU and Wisconsin, and NW lost 51-3 and 53-14, respectively. Sure, four of their next six losses were by a TD or less. Still, 0-8 is 0-8. Northwestern was still far from arriving.

[We need to talk about that upset of BC again, though. On the year, BC went 9-3. Their other two losses were to #3 Miami and #5 West Virginia. This is the BC team that upset #1 Notre Dame in South Bend at the end of regular season, controversially costing the Irish a chance at the national title. This season launched the NFL career of BC head coach Tom Coughlin. And they lost to a 2-9 Northwestern team.]

Purdue (1-10/0-8) didn’t get blown out so bad by OSU and UW, but, then again, they only won one game on the year, 28-13 over a decent Western Michigan team (decent, but certainly no BC). They also had a few close losses in conference play, but, as with Northwestern, 0-8 is 0-8. Purdue did have a couple of things going for them.

For one, Mike Alstott was on the roster. For another, Purdue set a pretty “impressive” NCAA record by scoring 56 points against Minnesota...and losing. That’s right, Purdue lost a game 59-56 THREE YEARS BEFORE OVERTIME EXISTED. Well done Boilermakers.


What’s more pathetic?

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  • 28%
    Beating a great BC team and going winless in the Big Ten?
    (31 votes)
  • 71%
    Scoring 56 in regulation and losing?
    (79 votes)
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Think of the most classic Indiana/Purdue basketball moment. Maybe it’s 1980, when Purdue knocked Indiana off in the Sweet 16 before moving on to their most recent Final Four. Or maybe it’s 1987, when they split their two regular-season matchups on the way to sharing the Big Ten title at 15-3. Maybe it’s a more recent game. Whatever you’ve come up with, hold on tight to it.

Now, picture the exact opposite.

Indiana has already punched one ticket to the Final Four as either the ‘03 or ‘08 team will advance. But, honestly, the 2011 version is quite possibly worse than either. Winless against FBS competition. Just look at the game-by-game below. They played .500 teams and got blown out. Losing by 21 at home to Illinois and Northwestern and at Iowa. Wisconsin, MSU, and NW all called off the dogs in the 4th quarter, otherwise this team gives up 40+ PPG on the season.

But Purdue is at least their equal. Not only did they go winless against FBS competition, they struggled to put away a terrible FCS opponent. And don’t let that Northern Illinois game distract you. After kicking a FG to cut Wisconsin’s lead to 14-10 with 9:44 remaining in the 2nd quarter, Purdue then went 244:00 of B1G action (i.e. 4 games and 4 minutes) where their only score was a last-minute TD vs. Nebraska while trailing 44-0. 2011 Indiana has a terrible defense, but will it matter when this inept offense is on the other side?

You know you can’t look away. Even if you want to.

(2) 2011 Indiana Hoosiers 1-11/0-8 (0-11 vs. FBS)

SRS -10.91: #107 of 120 (B1G #3 ranked conference)
21.4 PPG: #102 of 120 (19.9 vs. FBS)
37.3 Opp. PPG: #114 of 120 (38.8 vs. FBS)

(1) 2013 Purdue Boilermakers 1-11/0-8 (0-11 vs. FBS)

-12.43 SRS: #110 of 125 (B1G #4 ranked conference)
14.9 PPG: #121 of 125 (14.6 vs. FBS)
38.0 Opp. PPG: #114 of 125 (40.2 vs. FBS)

  • L 7-42 @ Cincinnati Bearcats (finished 9-4, made bowl; 14-7 at half)
  • W 20-14 vs. Indiana State Sycamores (FCS opponent…went 1-11)
  • L 24-31 vs. #21 Notre Dame Fighting Irish (9-4, #20; Purdue led 17-10 after 3rd)
  • L 10-41 @ #24 Wisconsin Badgers (9-4, #22; no scoring last 14:56)
  • L 24-55 vs. Northern Illinois Huskies (12-2, made bowl; 27-10 at half, 48-17 after 3rd)
  • L 7-44 vs. Nebraska Cornhuskers (9-4, made bowl; 37-0 until last minute)
  • L 0-14 @ Michigan State Spartans (13-1, #3; 7-0 after 3rd)
  • L 0-56 vs. #4 Ohio State Buckeyes (12-2, #12; 42-0 at half)
  • L 14-38 vs. Iowa Hawkeyes (8-5, made bowl; 14-7 at half, 38-7 until last minute)
  • L 21-45 @ Penn State Nittany Lions (7-5, no bowl (probation); 28-21 in 3rd)
  • L 16-20 vs. Illinois Fighting Illini (4-8; 7-seed in field, Purdue led 14-7 after 1st, tied at 14 after 3rd)
  • L 36-56 @ Indiana Hoosiers (5-7; 49-9 in 3rd)


Who was worse?

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  • 26%
    2011 Indiana
    (37 votes)
  • 73%
    2013 Purdue
    (103 votes)
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