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pkloa: :vomiting_face_emoji:

Stew: Here’s a pretty good video of the story with Kirk’s dad passing that week:

But it’s all about the fuck you safety.

Roar Lions Roar

A thing to note is the clock when they did this. 8 minutes left!! And it makes it so a field goal wins. Just insane.


We covered this pretty well last year, so I recommend you all go read that article if you want more of a breakdown. I remember exactly where I was that day. I called in sick to my high school grocery boy job, was pretty sure I would be fired for it (I wasn’t), and as I watched every decision Kirk Ferentz made in that fourth quarter I realized that I didn’t know shit about the world. The best way I can describe the feeling is that it was like seeing someone throw a basketball out of an airplane window into a net 10,000 feet below, and not even watching to see it go in.

A blessed 6-4 to you and yours. Praise be the Fuck You Safety.