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So, uh, how we all doing? B1G 2020 Schedule

Announcing our Big Ten preview schedule, beginning next week!

NCAA Football: Big Ten Media Days
Did we ever discuss how terrifying DOUBLE HARBAUGH is?
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I have about 10 unfinished drafts of articles in our editor. Just can’t bring myself to get excited over a realignment of teams on regional and P5/G5 balance JUST so we can get through a couple non-conference games and have the whole thing shut down when it’s revealed that the Michigan State linebacking corps is made up of super-spreaders or something.

Oh, right, B1G 2020 is happening and begins next week!

How we made the schedule:

We hybridized a few ideas from the comments and our own schedules/abilities.

  • We’re still moving in order of finish. No amount of “but rivals!” should cover up the fact that Nebraska is not moving back in this schedule, nor does Illinois deserve to be moved up to pair with Northwestern. Give the Illini this nice thing.
  • Yes, that means paired weeks will be happening: One team in the morning articles, one team in the afternoons. Generally the better team in 2019 gets the afternoon. You get a full week of #doublecontent.
  • Those paired weeks, however were slightly adjusted for competitive balance.

Here’s your schedule:

All times/dates subject to change, all teams listed in AM-PM order.

Any schedule appeals must be noted in the comments and will go through our Special Appeals Court, headed by a writer who’s probably a lawyer or a doctor or something.

We don’t like your chances.

Or ours.

Welcome to B1G 2020.