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Friday Fun: A 90s-Themed Movie Quiz

Can you name these 90s films even with their... enhancements?

Creepy Mascot in some little overalls...

Hi Friends!

I was supposed to publish something yesterday, and I didn’t, because I’m terrible. Actually, I’m not, I went and helped my mom clean her garage instead, which is pretty noble of me, but it doesn’t change the fact that I let down my fellow Husker “writers,” for which I’m very sorry.

I’ll also own up front that I know NOTHING about the current state of Husker football. It’s been an interesting summer personally and professionally, and consequently, a football team that probably won’t be playing in the fall hasn’t been high on my list of priorities.

So, I’ve done what I’ve always done best, which is make crappy photoshops, 90s jokes, and no reference to actual football. To thine own self be true, a line taken from Shakespeare’s play, but also from Hamlet, which had THREE film treatments from 1990-2000. That is the same number of National Championships that Nebraska had in that time period as well, if you were not aware.

Anyway, I’ve made a little quiz for you to while away your afternoon. I don’t know why Sporcle won’t let the images be larger, but it doesn’t seem to make that easy to do, so to see the brilliant details, right-click the image and click “View Image,” and you can take them in in all their majesty.

Then, of course, let us know how you did!