Gophers get rings; NASCAR comes to B1G

Go look if you want

I'm a Wisconsin fan, so, of course I am going to have something snarky to say about Minnesota's Outback Bowl rings. But the best part is that I really don't have to; Peej has taken care of it for me.

Set aside the Big Ten West co-champs trophy. You know, I know, we all know that was going on the ring. No big deal. The Gophers can join Chase Winovich's not-quite-completed revenge tour and the classic 2015 and 2016 OSU squads who no doubt are still celebrating their division co-championships. It's...something.

The fact that Minnesota has a list of achievements that go under the category of "RESTOAR"-ing Minnesota's elite status? Predictably on brand. Again, we all know what Fleck's shtick is. Some people love it, some people hate it, but nobody can act surprised.

And go ahead and put the team GPA on the ring. Cool. If nothing else, it's a nice way of distinguishing yourself from the '97 Final Four team. Great.

But, let's talk about the touting "First Time Hosting College GameDay in Program History."

1. You got shellacked in the game.

2. So the Home Depot logo goes on the front of the ring, but the school slogan goes inside of it? Classy.

3. Again, the FREAKING HOME DEPOT LOGO IS ON THE FRONT OF YOUR RING. Add Outback on the side, and you're an M&Ms away from pissing off Kurt Kyle Busch.

Of course, there is one benefit for being able to see Home Depot any time a Gopher player looks down at his hand.

It's a constant reminder of where to go to find an axe.