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With basketball recruiting at an all-time high, should Michigan State bother playing football in 2020?

Hold [X] To Sim To End Of Season

NCAA Football: Arizona State at Michigan State
that’s a gooooooood question.
Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Off Talkle Empire returns to talk Michigan State Spartans football, mostly to get it out of the way so Andrew can talk about Tom Izzo’s unprecedented recruiting success!

  • How in the world did Mark Dantonio come full circle and park the program right in the same place he picked it up from in 2006?
  • Is there any indication as to how Mel Tucker will evaluate his roster? Play the seniors and hope to establish momentum? Do what Lovie Smith did in 2016, but with the benefit of knowing how to recruit college players?
  • Is Rocky Lombardi some kind of altered reality media experience?
  • Should the 2020 season be played?
  • SPARTANS FANS: how glorious is the immediate future?