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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Fourth of July Edition!

Where will you be today? What body parts do you plan to blow off? Any good dip recipes you’d like to share before we run to the grocery store? A Fourth of July open thread:

I’ve never truly appreciated Creighton and how much making this map suuuuucks.

Where will you be? What will you be drinking? How many appendages do you plan to blow off, which, and with what?

Stewmonkey13: I’ll be home, not celebrating our anniversary, but I’ll be damned if I’m not gonna pour these down my gullet.

Boilerman31: I will be home in Northern Indiana. Since my loving wife decided to put us on a keto-style diet the week before the 4th, I’m gonna have to find something low carb that somewhat resembles beer. I’ll leave the separation of limbs to other family members and officially retire my pyromaniac card.

MNW: I will just be at home in suburban Minneapolis, as the wife and I camped last weekend and decided against any sorts of “go hang out in semi-ENclosed spaces with relatives” planning.

We might be doing some yard work, but I plan to default to a “Dips and Naps” dad day, in which I make a few dips (leaning toward spinach artichoke and a baked bacon cheese dip), the wife makes a fruit pizza, we grill some of those 8-for-$8 Hy-Vee brats, and I drink some Grain Belt N’icebreakers or just a lot of Grain Belt itself.

Candystripes for Breakfast: I’ll be at work, and since I don’t know if the city I work in is actually having a fireworks show or not, I’m probably going to have a tough time telling it’s anything other than a normal weekend shift. A variety of Coca-Cola products are on the drink menu, because that’s what we stock.

Jesse Collins: I’ll be at home, probably smoking ribs because why not? Our neighborhood is pretty hardcore about no fireworks to the point where I forgot that is a thing that happens this time of year. Haven’t heard one.

LincolnParkWildcat: My wife and I will be at a barbequeue in Chicago.

ZuzuRU: I’ll be in locked down LA.

WhiteSpeedReceiver: I will be smoking ribs, golfing, swimming, and tootling around on a pontoon in the greater Twin Cities suburban area. If and when libations are to be had, they’ll be either Big Gingers or Keylightfuls.

[ed. note: he would not be more specific about which direction from the greater Twin Cities he would be, so we assumed the worst part—the North Metro. say hi to Keith and his new lift kit, WSR. also, these are keylightfuls:]

BigRedTwice: I’m joining a friend in Sioux Falls for the weekend. Since she has five little kids, we won’t be going anywhere or interacting with anyone.

We will have some small fireworks, maybe a beer, spirited political venting, and enjoying the novelty of seeing each other! I might most be looking forward to the 4.5 hour drive across Nebraska—it’s good thinking time.

Dead Read: I will be in lovely downtown Lincoln. No bbq’s, no large gatherings. No fun of any kind. I might eat Arby’s.

DJ Carver: I’ll be at home in southern Maryland, smoking some baby backs and drinking cold beverages.

pkloa: Hanging out with my buddy and his dog. I’m grilling the porterhouses, he’s baking potatoes, which will be the closest we’ll get to vegetables.

Being a holiday and all, I’m going to really let loose with 2-3 Coca Colas.


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