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Coronavirus, Rutgers Scarlet Knights Football, NASCAR, and Pikemen Shootyhoops \\ B1G 2020


Rutgers v Michigan
not a dignified picture
Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

This was meant to be the FIRST episode of our return to podcasting, but alas!

We’re spending some time catching up on 2020 in general, including sports content and the wild ride NASCAR has been taking in the headlines.

Next, we examine the smoldering remains of the Chris Ash Era, which is without a doubt the most failed coaching tenure in recent Big Ten history. Outside of 2017, we basically watched three of the same season in four years.

But! We’re going to examine why there’s hope for Rutgers to win a Big Ten game this year! Maybe even multiple!

Then we’re gonna talk about how Steve Pikiell grew a tree in the solid concrete sarcophagus that is Rutgers Basketball, and what to expect going forward.

If you can make it through the Chris Ash parts, Rutgers fans will enjoy this one quite a bit.

Let there never again be a dearth of rugster hopps content.