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Zu’s Ocassional Twitter Round-Up: Edition 1

Tweets from the college football world

So as some of you may know, I am big into the Twitter. (Yo follow me @ZuzuOnFire you will regret it). I think Twitter is a marvelous blood-sucking and life destroying hellsite from which there is no escape. Because my soul is already taken by the Tweety, I have decided to bring what I think is amusing Tweet content to you, so you may enjoy the hilarity of College sports Twitter without needing to sell your soul and be an active member of said hellsite. So whenever I think there are more than 5 or so Tweets within a week-ish worth sharing, I’ll write up one of these “Zu-casional” Twitter round-ups. As you can imagine with the recent announcement that the Big Ten is (probably) going to cancel college football this fall (they did, then they didn’t, then maybe, then they were still thinking about, I haven’t checked what the most recent one is, who cares), the Twitterscape is ripe with content, and I will need something to post and pass the time since the conference sport I write about and care for most is going to be RIPPED FROM US for at least a few more weeks or maybe more. Anyway, these are my Zu’s Top Tweets.

#6. Look out Michigan

I am not sure what’s funnier here, Jim Harbaugh snitching or Ryan Day being that much of a bitch about it.

#5. “Power 5 Football is canceled.” The SEC:

We need to meme more Fresh Prince clips.

#4. Happy Nebraska

Nebraska: Okay so listen


Is there ever not a time for Spongebob references?

#2. Don’t you put that evil on me, Big Ten

#1. Jerry B1Guire

Top notch editing from the official Aggies Football fan* account, I have to say. They even added a follow up Tweet with the MAC as the goldfish. Though of course anyone who actually saw this movie knows he was right in the end, so. Still, this made me laugh.

Okay that’s what I got from Edition 1 of my occasional Twitter round-up. For anyone else active on Twitter, did I miss any? Share them in the comments below. I think embedding Tweets is still allowed before SBN changes a perfectly fine commenting system for no reason.