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Well, it’s...happening? Reckless Speculation Thread.

Here we go. Come talk about why.

SMU v Texas State
The caption for this picture is “a fan wears a mask”, which, NO HE’S FUCKING NOT WEARING A MASK. FUCK. DAMNIT. SHIT.
Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Well, thanks to the same levels of incompetence that brought you Nebraska Cornhuskers football in the first place...

Let’s be clear: This isn’t any product of “sources” with a self-given title and a boat, this isn’t any particular loudmouth politician or radio shock jock “saving” football, this isn’t Karen and Keith and their grifter lawyer filling a lawsuit.

This is money talking.

And boy, watch it talk.

Thankfully, very few football players have been affected—

Here’s your thread to talk about, speculate on, dismiss out of hand, or confirm everything already out there about the potential resumption of the Big Ten football season.

Maybe more thoughts from me later: I’ve got to put on my mask and face shield to go teach some college students because unlike Minnesota State system schools like Winona or other, y’know, Big Ten members like wisconsin, my campus is still fully operating with students—figurative plague rats that they are—out of their dorms and walking around.

Be smart, be civil, be safe, and for the love of God—wear a fucking mask, or Paul Rudd will make more videos like this: