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Is Big Ten Football Really Back? How Did They Lose Control Of The Narrative?

What happened? Big Ten Football is back...?

Northwestern v Wisconsin Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Well, the Big Ten has decided that it’s safe to play football after all!

Good stuff, right?

  • Let’s revisit the whole timeline of events to figure out just how the hell we got here
  • What did the Big Ten do right?
  • Where did the Big Ten fail?
  • What has changed between August 11th and now?
  • Did anything good come out of this?
  • How did Illinois outmaneuver Ohio State financially?
  • How do we see this season as fans?
  • How likely is this season to actually happen?
  • Who’s in? Who’s out?
  • You Just Want Answers And Transparency
  • Win Fight Try Brewster Of The Week: Mata Hari Bohemian Absinthe

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