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An Underwhelming Tour of the Big Ten

Meh. It’s a quiz.

We like memes, and you do too.

Greetings everyone! This week brought some interesting changes to our great nation, most of which I cannot mention because no politics. But one thing that surely everyone can appreciate is the instant gift that Bernie Sanders gave the nation when he sauntered into the inauguration and chilled in a metal chair wearing a pair of adorably rustic mittens. Twitter, deprived of its other recent duties, has given itself over completely to creatively pasting Bernie into various scenes. God bless the internet, sometimes.

Anyway, in lieu of writing anything of substance, I’ve decided to take be-mittened Bernie on a tour of Big Ten cities. Your quest: Where in the Big Ten is Bernie Sanders? Please note that these do not all correspond exactly to Big Ten cities, so use your imagination and creativity, and you’ll get there. Just like Bernie.

Take the Quiz!

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