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Where Do The Top 6 Big Ten Football Teams Stand This Offseason? State of the Conference Overview!

Yes, we’re including Penn State. This is allllll projection.

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship-Ohio State vs Alabama Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

Well folks, we’ve played a title game on a Monday night for some reason, hired some coaches, gotten some recruits, made some decisions about where to devote our time and energy, and the offseason is officially in full swing.

Let’s talk about where things stand!

  • Did Ohio State really stand a chance? How did this happen?
  • Why a Monday night, of all inane things?
  • If Ohio State is a distant #2, does that make them a far-flung shit?
  • How are they reloading to rub it all in our faces in 2021?
  • Is this too much defensive turnover for even Northwestern to flinch?
  • How must Gopher fans feel watching as Penn State poaches the offensive coordinator from the breakthrough Minnesota team only to discard him after one season?
  • Can the Nittany Loins put together a complete offense? What’s held them back?
  • How is Iowa going to end up being exactly the same?
  • Is there a better quarterback in the Big Ten in 2021 than Michael Penix Jr?
  • How many Big Ten schools even have quarterback situations that are absolutely set in stone at this point? We counted five.
  • Graham Mertz looks fine, but how can Wisconsin take advantage of this without more talent at receiver?

These questions and SO MANY MORE await!