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B1G Wrestling Week 3! Kinda.

Penn State appears to be turning a blind eye to their wrestling schedule.

Cael, why don’t you go sit by yourself and think up some better COVID protocols?
Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back! Because life is dumb and no accountants like the month of January, we’re a day late. But you know what? We’re still here to talk about wrestling even if we don’t want ti.

What happened last weekend?

#18 Purdue 28 #17 Northwestern 8 least you’ve got basketball, Northwestern fans? No Ryan Deakin or Michael DeAugustino hurts, but it shouldn’t hurt so bad that you lose like this.

#1 Iowa 36 #8 Nebraska 6

Technically, this was over after the first match. Spencer Lee got a pin, and that’s as many points as the Huskers got the rest of the night. So...yeah. We’re going to see more evidence to know if Nebraska’s mediocre or Iowa’s just that good. I really hope it’s the former, but I’m not feeling good about it.

Maryland-#24 Michigan State-#13 Minnesota triangular

Minnesota 48 Maryland 0

Gable Steveson (Minnesota) over Bryan Bowes (Maryland) (Fall 0:13)

Do I need to add anything more than that? Yes? OK.

Good God.

Minnesota 28 Michigan State 6

The only thing of note here for me is that Patrick McKee beat then-#2 RayVon Foley. This year is going to be dumb and weird and I’m excited for it because my team doesn’t have title aspirations.

Michigan State 42 Maryland 0

I’d like to say as little as possible about how bad this Maryland team is. Good work getting a big win, Sparty.

#3 Penn State at #22 Rutgers - Postponed

Maybe PSU’s trying to build anticipation for the season by hiding what they’ve got from Iowa as long as possible?

#19 Illinois-#10 Ohio State-wisconsin triangular

Illinois 18 Ohio State 15

Illinois 21 wisconsin 9

Ohio State 25 wisconsin 9

LAAAAAAAAAAAWL. OK. First, Illinois may be better than I thought. Good! Secondly, #7 Trent Hillger and #8 Tate Orndorff lost to Illini’s sophomore HWT (previously unranked) #6 Luke Luffman. Do you want to know how big the dropoff is at HWT is after #3? Luffman was 17-11 last year and got pinned in 28 seconds at the B1G Championships by Mason Parris. It’s just Steveson and Parris, and then Cassioppi because he’s not crap, then everyone else.

#2 Michigan 32 Indiana 6

Michigan continues to whelm with a good but not great win over a rather meh Indiana team. You’re going to need bonus points if you’re actually going to finish 2nd, and not getting them against the Hoosiers isn’t exactly how you build confidence.

What’s happening this weekend

#1 Iowa vs. #13 Minnesota - 8 PM Friday BTN

#18 Purdue vs. #19 Illinois - Friday

Maryland-#8 Nebraska-#17 Northwestern Triangular - Saturday, Lincoln, NE

#24 Michigan State vs. #3 Penn State - Cancelled yet again

#22 Rutgers vs. #10 Ohio State - Sunday

Purdue vs. wisconsin - Sunday

So...yeah. If you’re not an Iowa fan or interested in a bloodbath, not much to watch this weekend. Rutgers-tOSU is probably the best matchup of the weekend, although Purdue-Illinois could be a decent matchup even if the quality isn’t as high. And that Triangular...try to score some points, Maryland. Please?

Matchup of the Weekend

There are a number of interesting matchups between ranked wrestlers this weekend with the possib...

It’s Steveson-Cassioppi. This is the first opportunity to see how Steveson does against someone who’s supposed to be good.

Other ranked Matchups:

125: #1 Spencer Lee (IA) vs. #12 Patrick McKee (MN), #3 Devin Schroder (PU) vs. #15 Justin Cardani (IL), #8 Michael DeAugustino (jNWU) vs. #11 Liam Cronin (NE)

149: #10 Michael Carr (IL) vs. #17 Griffin Parriott (PU)

157: #5 Brayton Lee (MN) vs. #6 Kaleb Young (IA)

165: #2 Alex Marinelli (IA) vs. #14 Andrew Sparks (MN)

184: #13 Zach Braunagel vs. #18 Max Lyon (PU)

197: #2 Eric Schultz (NE) vs. #11 Lucas Davison (jNWU)

So there you go. Have a good weekend if you can, and pray for no injuries for the Gophers.


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