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Big Ten in the Senior Bowl: Rosters and NFL Draft talk?

There’s football today, if that’s your thing, and NFL Draft talk, too.

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl Practice Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

There’s football today, if that’s your thing!

Sure, it’s a relatively meaningless senior exhibition, the Senior Bowl down in Mobile, AL, but with the NFL Draft approaching and seniors’ sample sizes culled in 2020 by the coronavirus pandemic, this is a big shot for everyone from something called Quinn Meinerz, an offensive lineman from Wisconsin-Whitewater, up to Alabama quarterback Mac Jones.


Reese’s Senior Bowl

American vs. National

1:30pm | NFL Network | O/U 41

I did not think there would actually be betting odds for this, but there you go.

There are other generally NFL-style rules:

  • Balanced formations — can’t have 3 WRs on one side of the formation
  • No motions or shifts, no blocking below the waist
  • No intentional grounding
  • Defense has to play Cover 1, 2, or 3, with no blitzes
  • Kickoffs only at the beginning of the first and third quarters
  • No fake punts (lame)
  • Extra points from the 15-yard line
  • Two-minute warning with NFL two-minute timing rules
  • Two TOs per quarter
  • This, from the Senior Bowl rules:

Possession to start each quarter will follow the format below:

1st quarter: A (receive kickoff)
2nd quarter: B (25 yard line)
3rd quarter: B (receive kickoff)
4th quarter: A (25 yard line)

Following a team score that is trailing by 20+ points, that team will maintain possession of the ball.


Coached by Matt Rhule, now of the Carolina Panthers and formerly of the Baylor Bears.

Iowa Hawkeyes:

  • Chauncey Golston (DL)
  • Alaric Jackson (OL)

Michigan Wolverines

  • Chris Evans (RB)

Northwestern Wildcats

  • Paddy Fisher (LB)


Coached by Brian Flores, NFL guy.


  • Ambry Thomas (DB)
  • Ben Mason (FB)
  • Nico Collins

Minnesota Golden Gophers

  • Benjamin St-Juste (DB)

Nebraska Cornhuskers

  • Brenden Jaimes (OL)

Ohio State Buckeyes

  • Jonathon Cooper (DL)
  • Justin Hilliard (LB)
  • Baron Browning (LB)
  • Tuf Borland (LB)

Purdue Boilermakers

  • Derrick Barnes (LB)

There’s a big ol’ thread for you all over here, but if you’d like a dedicated spot to talk the Senior Bowl, its results, and the NFL Draft prospects for anyone else in the Big Ten, here you go.

Football! Kind of!

Two weeks to FCS action.