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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 5

Now reporting from god’s time zone

It’s WWBWWBD time! Your OTE “writers” have drinks, they have food, and they have physical spaces that they occupy. Let’s find out what those things are, shall we?


After 7 (8? 6?? I honestly forget it’s been so long) years in Virginia I’ve finally moved back to the mecca of punting. I’m still moving in to my house in Iowa City and honestly don’t know if I’ll have my TV set up by the time Iowa kicks off. I’ll probably head over to my parents’ house because I’m told they have a projector and an outdoor screen. For drinks I’ll be over-indulging on Toppling Goliath, Big Grove, Surly, and all the other midwestern beers that weren’t available to me on the east coast. I don’t know what food I’ll be eating, but the old man also has a Big Green Egg so I’ll probably be eating meat until I can’t stand up anymore. It’s good to be back.

He was a high school QB

On my bathroom floor, chugging Liquid Plumber after Illinois loses to Charlotte.

Green Akers

I’ll be home in Detroitland, recovering from my brother-in-law’s wedding Friday night (hot taek: if your crowd is mostly local, Friday night weddings are actually great and smart). Ergo, not going to be going hard during the games this weekend.


Fall is always a whirlwind for me at work, but we’ve got Friday off as well this week—what that means is that I’m hoping to have a very productive Friday, and then take an entire, proper day off on Saturday. Not driving anywhere, not checking my damn email, just doing whatever I want to do all day long. It sounds glorious, and I’m excited. I’ll probably catch some football and see what atrocities to the game Nebraska and Northwestern come up with in the evening. Drink choices will depend on the weather and overall vibe—it’s looking like it might be chilly and rainy. Anyone have any good ideas for fall or winter cocktails?


I’ll be in the Twin Cities explaining to the girls how the Purdue game is always infuriating while we all chug Capri Sun pouches.


I’ll be moving my sister out of that trash heap commonwealth of Kentucky (Louisville) and back to the promise land of Indiana (NA/Jeff) area. Mom thinks I’m an alcoholic so I probably won’t be drinking a lot. May go stay with a buddy down there in time for the IU/PSU game where I hope we go to a Hooters, otherwise it’s a Pepsi for me while I watch the game on my phone on my dash on interstate 71.

Brian Gillis

I’ll be in Grand Rapids (Michigan) again this weekend - taking in a little more of the early autumn weather that I don’t get on the west coast. I’ll be watching the Michigan/Wisconsin game from the couch. I have no doubt that Paul Chryst and the Badgers will right the ship after being embarrassed last week and give Michigan their best shot. What to expect from Michigan is another story altogether. I’m also looking forward to the Indiana/Penn State game - wondering if Indiana can pull it together and give the Nittany Lions a game.

Jesse Collins

Oh hello again. I’ll be in [checks calendar] Dallas for the Texas State Fair. I promised the kids - specifically the oldest - we would do this at some point and Nebraska-Northwestern weekend seemed like a rational choice. We will be eating all of the fried things, maybe buying some cowboy boots and a cowboy hat, and enjoying something that isn’t sitting at home for the millionth weekend in a row. I’m... oddly excited? Plus, it’s fall in Texas so it should be in the 70s! So that’s fun.


I’ll be home (notice a trend?), probably chugging caffeinated seltzers because I seriously can’t stay awake past 10 anymore.


Home, thank goodness. We’ll have been out with the in-laws for birthday celebrations (me saying “I don’t want to do anything” apparently matters not — if only it was my birthday weekend or something and I could choose) most of the afternoon, so if things go like they usually do, we’ll need some time apart and I’ll hole up in the basement with a couple beers and Nebraska-Northwestern. That oughta help my blood pressure, right? Beer this week is actually a good one: I’m celebrating finally getting my first real paycheck from my new teaching gig (the first full-time, almost-full-titled job I’ve ever had), so in addition to the Lift Bridge sampler we have, I’ll be digging through what I suspect are (1) leftover Bauhaus beers from a bonfire on Friday night, and (2) a special open of any of these that you, the reader, gets to choose: KBS, CBS, or Darkness.


I’ll be home! Fiancée is off on bachelorette weekend, so I’ll probably just spend the ENTIRE day watching football and drinking off-brand grape koolaid.


Home this weekend. Might actually watch my grad school play football, but that would require me to watch NBC. I’ll definitely be rooting for my grad school which will mark the second time I’ve actually cared about their athletics program. Meanwhile Purdue is going to lose, so I’m definitely going to have to find something besides football to do in the evening.


I will be in lovely Holland, Michigan (or the surrounding area) with my parents, my sister and her husband. Charlotte was not supposed to be this important a game. Depending on the weather, it’ll either be the phenomenal Saugatuck blueberry cream ale or New Holland’s Jaw Jacker pumpkin ale. I’m prepared to switch to dragon’s milk if things are dicey. If the illini end up falling behind early and passing a lot to make up for it, well, fortunately for me, New Holland also makes liquor now. I do like their gin quite a bit


I’ll be in Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin, and ill be drinking plenty of local stuff. And, the obligatory New Glarus spotted cow


On the couch to watch the Nittany Lions roll the second or third best team in Indiana. I’ll probably pick up a pack of Paulaner Oktoberfest, since I think my only current reserves are Bud Light Platinum.


Grains of sand fall ceaselessly, unbidden, though the infinite hourglass of the universe, and I, not unlike a plethora of others, find myself in the same place, hoping, yearning, starving for change. Yet despite imbibing countless fermented concoctions, my thirst remains, unquenched.

RU in VA

I will be brewing a pumpkin ale and a Bells Two Hearted clone. Well, I’ll be doing those Thursday and Friday. I don’t think Rutgers plays this weekend, so I’ll probably be light on the football. I have a billion beers downstairs as birthday presents, but I might get into a beer sponsoring our local men's semi-pro soccer team, the Loudoun United (don’t Google their record.)


I’m in State College, but won’t be going to the game. I’ll be tailgating with some other Townies and then going for a hike. Maybe Mt. Nittany, maybe up Shingletown Gap...because even retired writers don’t watch the games. My new favorite drink is a cocktail called a Paper Plane. Bourbon, Amaro, Lemon Juice and Aperol. Shaken and served (in my house) with a twist of lemon.


I’ll be in Atlantic City at a wedding because the Big Ten is dumb and gave Maryland two Friday night games in four weeks so the Friday wedding didn’t save my CFB watching experience.


I’ll be here in Denver, helping my Dad move this weekend. On the plus side I’ll miss the Michigan/Wiscy game. It’s all comin’ up Milhouse.


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