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Sunday Morning Coming Down // Week 6

We must accept the idea of Iowa as the B1G’s second-best team

Syndication: HawkCentral Bryon Houlgrave/The Register / USA TODAY NETWORK

Ten B1G Things

  1. This was the first top-5 matchup in the B!G since 1997 that didn’t involve Ohio State
  2. Penn State’s offense looks like a one-man show, and that man is not Jahan Dotson
  3. Given that home advantage is 3 points, and Penn State lost their starting QB, we can safely assume that PSU is probably slightly better than Iowa
  4. “Alabama’s most explosive receiver couldn’t start here” -Announcer guy on OSU’s receiving corps
  5. Let’s all sit back and listen for the sound of brain matter returning to earth after every head in Tuscaloosa exploded
  6. This writer stands by everything he ever said about Tagovailoa’s overwhelming mediocrity
  7. Rutgers turning almost 400 yards of offense and a +1 turnover margin into 13 points is the real highlight
  8. Unfortunately for Rutgers, MSU didn’t reprise its 7-turnover performance from last year
  9. Michigan State did, however, manage 3 touchdowns of more than 60 yards
  10. Illinois, the un-undermineable bottom of the West
  11. Does a 24-point win over Illinois mean Wisconsin is on the upswing, or still headed down?
  12. Michigan is now 6-0 for the first time since they last started 6-0, which you will recall resulted in a B1G title...or a division title...
  13. Scott Frost...dead man walking, or just mortally wounded?
  14. We don't need Iowa being benefits no one...

The Rundown

Penn State at Iowa | Pig people more equal than others, 23-20

Stewmonkey13: Would post have win if Clifford didn’t get hurt? Maybe, but we’ll never know because he did get hurt, and Iowa won. Iowa did end up out gaining PSU, though, so suck it. Look Iowa’s offense is far from good, they’re looking up at mediocre. But they pick their spots and land big plays when called. The defense came up big again, like they do, with 4 turnovers. It’s what they do. Iowa is still undefeated, and is just now starting division play. Fun times.

87townie: This loss was worse than 6-4. Iowa fans make Rutgers’ look like cotillion graduates.

pkloa: Iowa 23, three quarters of Penn State 20. Every fanbase minus Rutger is entitled to one of those “What If?” scenarios, and Penn State fans get at least one per season. This one may have gone the Lions’ way if Clifford had stayed healthy, but give Kirk credit for changing over to the down-by-two-scores gum when the Hawkeyes needed it most.

Misdreavus79: It sucks that Penn State lost key players quite early in this one but injuries are part of the game.I take solace in the fact that it took Iowa 3 and a half quarters to win this game, even though everyone watching knew Penn State couldn’t do anything without Clifford. Here’s to hoping the quarterback can come back in time for Ohio State.

Maryland at Ohio State | Turtles all the way Down, 66-17

CJ Stroud is starting to show why Urban Meyer (lol at that guy) had so much faith in Ryan Day as a QB developer and heir apparent. Stroud pitched 5 TDs in 400-yard performance, with no INTs and a 75% completion rate, as part of a 600-yard offensive explosion. Let’s hope Day didn’t celebrate the win at Urban’s Pint House.

MaximumSam: 66-17? Acceptable.

Michigan State at Rutgers | A visit to the goon squad, 31-13

Antipasti Kannoliski: Michigan State initially tried to make enough mistakes to let Rutgers take control, but eventually, the force of four touchdown plays longer than 60 yards is hard to keep up with. Kenneth Walker III and Jalen Nailor romped for one backbreaking play after another, but there’s going to come a point when the penalties, clock management, and field goal issues won’t be covered up by the long ball. Until that day comes, though, the Spartans have gone from 2-5 to 6-0, and are in the spot where despite that record, they have a lot of things that can still improve. Can’t ask for much more at this point.

Wisconsin at Illinois | Wisconsin does strange things to people, 24-0

thumpasaurus: I mean, what’s left to say? This is somehow the worst illini offense I’ve ever seen. It’s cool that we didn’t even try to run the ball until we were down 17-0 in the 3rd, and then only briefly. Bret Bielema is in over his head and Tony Petersen had Brandon Peters in the fucking shotgun in his own end zone. Before garbage time, Illinois had 3 first downs by penalty and 1 by offense. Wisconsin had more penalty yards than we had offensive yards. The defense was adequate, but when they’re on the field for 40+ minutes the dam’s gonna break. Ryan Walters is doing some work. It’d be super cool if someone else did.

He was a HS QB: Our two best QBs are playing wide receiver. At halftime, we had four rushing attempts and were 3/19 passing for 12 yards, but had one sack for -9. Tony Peterson was let go from a P5 offensive coordinator job 15 years ago and was unable to get another job at that level until now. We should use the bye week to replace him. Bielema can get his fat ass out of town with him for that matter.

Michigan at Nebraska | O 32-29

RMB: I was deeply afraid of this game. My fear was warranted. Yardage was nearly the same (459-431) but it sure felt worse than that. Nebraska’s first five possessions of the second half were TD, Punt, TD, TD, TD. This is the kind of game Michigan usually doesn’t win. In fact the starting QB said as much in a post game interview. There’s a pretty good chance this team finishes 4th in the division, but right now we’re 6-0 going into the bye week and life is good.

BRT: I don’t know what there is to say that hasn’t already been said by me or the other Husker “writers” this season: shoulda, woulda, coulda sums it up pretty well.I didn’t actually watch much of this one, but it sounds like overall Nebraska wasn’t a total disaster. The first half, apparently, was bleak for the offense, but they answered the bell in the second. Of course, no one knows better than the Huskers that it only takes one badly timed fuck-up to ruin everything.I learned from the MSU game though, and didn’t get my hopes up. It helped, slightly.

Dead_Read: This is getting pretty damn old, and I risk being repetitive. Nebby beats itself, one way or another, against any team with a pulse. Let’s put it this way: Each kick to the groin is unique. This one felt as if it was from a court jester - the pointy toe and the bells gave it an extra “oomph” to go with a metallic pinch. It was different from the work boot that got us with Sparty in various and subtle ways, but the end result was the same. Misery. Even though my expectations have been adjusted sharply downward, it still hurts.