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The OTE Week 6 Mailbag Call: Delayed Due To (Not Fake) Injuries

The OTE staff is a bit beaten up after the weekend, so let’s try to slug our way through things.

Joseph Cress/Iowa City Press-Citizen / USA TODAY NETWORK

Happy Monday, all.

We welcome you to the working week (thanks for everything, Elvis Costello), with a special treat of this morning being led off by our Sunday PM feature thanks to Dead Read being taken down by an undisclosed upper body injury and pkloa dealing with load management issues.

So grab a cup of coffee, boo anyone that got a paper cut, and feel free to ask us a couple questions about what happened over the weekend or anything else that may tickle your fancy. We’ll pluck out the best and post the answers later in the week. Please help us out, otherwise MNW will make us watch the Iowa game again, and my appeals to Human Rights Watch haven’t gotten us a reprieve from suffering through whatever it is that they’re calling an “offense.”

Also, Michigan State just got another 70 yards against the Rutgers Defense. I’m not sure how, but it happened.