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Ugh. Ohio State bombs Maryland by 40+. Again.

...but 7-5 is still in play?

Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch Joshua A. Bickel/Columbus Dispatch / USA TODAY NETWORK

To quote David Byrne from the Talking Heads: ”same as it ever was, same as it ever was.”

#6 Ohio State Buckeyes 66, Maryland Terrapins 17

It’s one thing to get beat by OSU, but getting curbstomped? That’s exactly why I didn’t watch a second of this game and didn’t watch any highlights.

Ed. note: You should’ve said something! Here—and not just because I’m stretching to get to the magically indexing 150th word:

Therefore, my recap consists of one sentence: the Terps got beat by OSU, again, by 40+ points.”

My 7-5 prediction still holds for now.

Up next: at Minnesota Golden Gophers (Saturday, Oct. 23, TBD)

I initially had Minnesota as a win. However, two things give me less confidence that the Terps move to 5-2. First, Minnesota had last week off, giving them 2 weeks to prep for Maryland. Second, Maryland has looked like dog shit the last two weeks. They looked totally different than the team that beat a very solid WVU team.