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Should The College Football Playoff Expand To Include A Fifth Big Ten Team? Week 6 Recap Podcast

It’s just different in the Big Ten week in week out

NCAA Football: Michigan State at Rutgers Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Sure, Georgia plays Kentucky this week, but you maybe get one or two games like that in the SEC a year. Whereas even your Rutgers? You gotta play Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan, Michigan State, and maybe you get crossed over with Iowa, and you can only play Illinois once.

You got one team in the SEC that’s really nationally competitive, and then there’s some that pop up from time to time, but every week in the Big Ten East is such a battle.

  • Should a fifth spot be added to the College Football Playoff to get a fifth B1G team in there this year?
  • Does the SEC need to rebalance divisions? All the good teams are in the East, and there’s NOBODY in the West, except that one team but like who cares
  • Meditations on vastly different homecoming experiences
  • Where is Michigan State’s ceiling and when will they hit it?
  • Did you know that this is on pace to be the best Ohio State offense in school history?
  • Will Illinois score another touchdown before the end of the year? What exactly do you call their bewilderingly pass-happy approach? I call it the Stare Raid.
  • Wisconsin: not as bad as three losses to ranked teams made you think.
  • Why are officials the only non-professional part of our sport anymore?
  • Is Nebraska’s entire gameplan literally designed to produce backbreaking mistakes in crucial moments?
  • Can Iowa continue to create turnovers at this rate?
  • Why the hell wasn’t Penn State prepared to run the offense with QB2?
  • Is Iowa’s style of play validated as 100% skill and the most beautiful and effective form of football known to man?
  • Or is this technically a Penn State win, since they were ahead when Sean Clifford went down and would probably have held on for the win had the unthinkable (an injury to a qb who frequently takes off running) not occurred?
  • Who lacks more class? Do I lack class for even asking? Do you lack class for reading this sentence?