B1G Survivor 2021 Week 6

"You saved most of the OTE commentariat, kid." - Ron Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

In Week 5 of B1G Survivor, approximately 2/3rds of the remaining field was able to get their Illinois pick out of the way. For those of you who passed on the Illini last week, never fear--you have another chance this upcoming week, as trasch-ass Wisconsin travels to Champaign!

It was another week of minimal activity in the Survivor pool. Those of you who picked Illinois had to sweat things out for a little while, but were never in true danger of elimination. Five other B1G teams were selected, and all five cruised to easy victories. Our only two eliminations were two no-shows, taking the remaining field from 61 down to these 59:

87 RAS (Neb, Nw, Rut, Mary, PSU) [Ind]

ajcuster (Iowa, Pur, Rut, Ind, Ill) [Ind]

ArrowZeppelin (Neb, Minn, Rut, Nw, Ill)

AZBadger03 (Rut, Pur, Mary, Nw, Ill)

badgersrox (Mich, Wis, Iowa, PSU, MSU)

BanTheDH (Neb, Pur, Rut, Nw, Ill)

boilerlion31 (Neb, Pur, Rut, Mary, Ill)

boilermaker5 (Neb, Mary, Rut, Nw, Ill)

BoilerUP89 (Neb, Pur, Rut, Nw, MSU)

bronzedgopher (Neb, Pur, Rut, Nw, Ill)

Chesty McRock...(Rut, Nw, Mich, Pur, MSU) [Ill]

CuscagoTy (Neb, Pur, Rut, Mary, Ill)

Damien Henning (Neb, Nw, Rut, Pur, Ill) [Ill]

David_Anderson (Neb, Pur, Rut, Nw, Ill)

Dead Read (Neb, Mary, Rut, Nw, MSU)

duck (Rut, Mary, Mich, Ind, Ill)

fdlbadger (Neb, Pur, Rut, Nw, Ill)

FFXlion (Neb, Pur, Rut, Ind, Ill)

g0purdu3 (Neb, Pur, Rut, Mary, Ill)

gkgize@gmail...(Neb, Pur, Rut, Ind, Ill)

gschu (Neb, Mary, Rut, Nw, MSU)

GTom (Rut, Mary, Mich, Nw, Ill)

Hawk Heaven (Neb, Pur, Mich, Nw, Ill)

Hollywood Hawk...(Neb, Pur, Rut, Mary, Ill)

Houston Boiler (Neb, Pur, Rut, Mary, MSU)

huskerdenton (Neb, Mary, Rut, Nw, MSU)

IronMonkee (Neb, Nw, Rut, Mary, MSU)

JayMPSU (Neb, Pur, Mich, Mary, MSU)

Justin Maz (Neb, Mary, Rut, Nw, Ill)

Land of Sky Blue...(Neb, Pur, Rut, Mary, Ill)

Louis Street (Neb, Pur, Mary, Mich, PSU) [Rut, Ind]

mbailey71 (Neb, Mary, Rut, Nw, Ill)

mcammer64 (Neb, Pur, Rut, Mary, Ill)

MDPrideinMA (Neb, Pur, Rut, Mary, Iowa) [Mary]

Michael.Vinters (Neb, Pur, Rut, Nw, MSU)

Mr.Grizz (Neb, Pur, Rut, Nw, Ill)

Nick Leivers (Neb, Nw, Rut, Mary, Ill)

nothsa (Rut, Nw, Mich, Ind, Neb) [Nw]

NU06er (Neb, Mary, Rut, Mich, Ill) [Rut]

NUDave (Ill, Pur, Mary, Ind, MSU) [Neb, Ill]

oldfatbaldguy (Neb, Mary, Rut, PSU, MSU)

prairiedogsharp....(Neb, Nw, Rut, Ind, Ill)

rich 52K (Neb, Nw, Rut, Mary, MSU)

RockyMtnBlue (Neb, Mary, Rut, Mich, Ill) [Rut]

RTVF82 (Neb, Ind, Rut, Nw, Ill)

rutgersmill..... (Neb, Pur, Rut, Mary, OSU) [Rut]

scarlet pimp... (Neb, MSU, Mary, Nw, Ill) [Ill]

Schmolik64 (Neb, Mary, Rut, Nw, Ill)

Sportsavenue (Neb, Pur, Rut, Mary, Ill)

StateOfRutgers (Neb, Nw, Rut, Mary, Ill)

tech 01 (Neb, Ind, Mich, Nw, OSU) [Rut]

theguyfrom.... (Neb, Mary, Rut, Ind, Ill)

TransientBuck.... (Neb, Pur, Rut, Ind, Ill)

vaudvillain (Neb, Minn, Mich, Nw, MSU)

Viceroy Fizz.... (Neb, Nw, Rut, Mary, Ill)

waw (Neb, Mary, Rut, Nw, Ill)

wesd2005 (Neb, Pur, Rut, Ind, Ill)

whipples (Neb, Nw, Rut, Ind, Ill)

winless (Neb, Pur, Rut, Nw, Ill)

Note: the first grouping is the teams you have already picked, and the second grouping (if applicable) contains the B1G opponents of the teams you have picked. Once a particular team in grouping #2 shows up three times, it will be bolded, and cannot be picked against for the rest of the year.

Here is the Week 6 Schedule. All games are on Saturday this week.

Maryland @ Ohio St

Michigan St @ Rutgers

Wisconsin @ Illinois

Penn St @ Iowa

Michigan @ Nebraska

I don´t envy those of you who already used the Wolverines, as the pickings are otherwise pretty slim this week!

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