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The Worst Slate Of Big Ten Football Games Of 2021: Previewing Week 8

And there’s not even any Rutgers involved!

NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Illinois Ron Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s getting colder out. Just in time for Big Ten football season to heat up.

Or...maybe not.

  • First, let’s talk about what happened around the country this week, starting with Ole Miss and Joe Milton time.
  • How did Lane Kiffin become must-see TV every single week?
  • Things change fast at LSU
  • Texas is still not bak
  • The ACC title game is going to be between Pitt and Wake Forest and there’s nothing you can do but enjoy it.
  • Nebraska can’t suffer a heartbreaking defeat this week
  • Will Illinois score on Penn State? Is there any drama in this game at all?
  • Will Michigan step on this silly purple lego?
  • Can Purdue keep this up?
  • If Minnesota beats Maryland and Purdue keeps winning, the Goofs’ victory against Purdue becomes...interesting.
  • Can the Terps regroup, or are they really losing out?
  • How far back down the hill must the stone of Indiana Sisyphus roll?

Ten days to Illinutgers