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Indiana Pregame #7: Whatever

I mean...we’re gonna get killed.

This was the saddest Tom Allen I could find without leaving Google Image.
No clue. It was literally titled ZOOM Youtube Tom Allen.

I’m going to be honest. I was extremely excited for this game 7 weeks ago. I was ready to buy my tickets, spend a weekend away from my wife and child, and party like no tomorrow when my undefeated Indiana Hoosiers took on the Ohio State Buckeyes. In Ohio State’s opening game at Minnesota, the commentators called Indiana the biggest threat to Ohio State this year.

Now…ugh. I’d rather throw myself in front of a bus than watch this. Here’s the article. I’m going to go write a basketball preview. See you when we play a “beatable but not if you don’t score more points than them” Maryland team.

History and Fun-less Facts

Damn that’s a lot of disappointment.


  • Indiana has not beat Ohio State since 1988.
  • Indiana did tie the Buckeyes in 1990, so that’s a little weird.
  • Ohio State did vacate the 2010 game.
  • This is going to hurt.

Fun Facts

  • I was an usher at the 2009 game.
  • I watched the 52-49 2012 game in person from a mostly empty new wing.
  • I recall vividly the 2015 game and got free tickets from my friend’s dad.
  • These fun facts aren’t so fun because they all end in losses.
  • It’s hard to do research on a school I despise so much yet must respect because they financially carry the conference.
  • I think we can beat them in basketball.
  • I played as Terrell Pryor in the NCAA game religiously, and he was to that game what Lamar Jackson is to Madden now.

3 Things I Shouldn’t Care About

1) Can we score enough to beat Ohio State?

No. Nick Sheridan, Darren Hiller, Jack Tuttle, Ty Fryfogle and that entire offensive line have made it evident that no points can be scored this weekend.

2) Well will we keep it close?

This is actually a maybe. If anything has been proven so far this year, it’s that Indiana has a hell of a defense. If the corners can keep those receivers in check and prevent big plays, it can absolutely be 14-0 at halftime.

3) Should I watch this game?

I shouldn’t, but I will.

See You Next Week

As predicted, I watched the entire game last week at a wedding. I upset my mother-in-law for no reward. My father-in-law made it a point to remind me that Indiana football will only disappoint me in life. I find this to be true.

I rest until next week, where maybe…juuuuuuust maybe….we could win.

Gametime: 10/23 – 7:30 PM EST – ABC