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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 8

We’re drinking pumpkin beer until we forget what Purdue is

It’s almost 10 pm as I start putting this piece together, and I still have some things to finish up for my real job in the morning so I’ll keep this part short.

Where We Be, What We Be Drinking seems pretty self explanatory for those of you who haven’t been here before, so let’s get started:


Tonight I’ll be going to the inaugural Iowa Heartlanders hockey game and drinking whatever they have on tap (I’m really hoping they have some local brews like Big Grove or Confluence and not just, like, Bud Light). Iowa has a bye this week, so I’ll be making chili in the slow cooker while I continue unpacking boxes from the move and have various football games playing in the background. When I settle in for the night I’ll probably watch some scary movies instead of Pac 12 After Dark and Hawaii.

Brian Gillis

I’ll be in Los Angeles again this weekend – hoping Michigan can get past Northwestern to set up a top ten match-up next week in East Lansing. Sunday, I’ll be trading in the couch and football for a little Shakespeare in the round. Well, not the round as much as in Topanga Canyon. It’s got to be better than watching the Lions, right?


I’ll be at the homestead in Royal Oak. I picked up some of Charles Woodson’s new whiskey, which is quite smooth but not as rich in flavor as I’d like for the price. That stuff will go down real easy on the rocks though. What I’m more likely to drink is the legendary Andrew Krzrzkwi Apple Pie Tailgate. He told me not to drink it all at once, but he didn’t watch the illini offense against Wisconsin and therefore doesn’t understand my needs. Since I am now committed to going to the ILLINUTGERS basketball game in Champaign, it might be the weekend to brew NUTGERS. I missed the boat on it and now I’m not even going to the football game anymore.

Green Akers

The homestand continues, and given the bye, it’s time for another exciting episode of Finishing The &$@!ing Guest Bedroom, in which we now have the new light fixture, are down to one electrical socket to be replaced, and need to determine which of the many very similar vent grates belongs in that room. Is this the weekend we finally finish working on that damned room??? No, because we still need to get a bed frame and box spring but c’mon, we can definitely get everything else done there’s no reason not to

Narrator: there were many inertia-related reasons not to.


Home. Couch. ALLLLLLLL the Summit Slugfest and some random assorted leftovers among Pecan Pie Porter, an odd Surly sampler pack that I don’t remember buying, and...who knows what else. I think we’re making soup on Saturday and the wife is leaving me alone while I pout in the basement for the first half. Ah, football.


I’m headed to Asheville, NC! Nebraska is taking the weekend off, and I am too. I’ll be visiting some family who recently relocated to the area, and while I’m generally not a fan of setting foot in the South, I am looking forward to this trip. (Tips for food and sights are welcome!)


I’ll be at home in Chicago, drinking some Goose Island IPAs Saturday night catching up on the game and most likely drowning my sorrows (Get Fucked, Michigan) after spending a pleasant morning with my family at a haunted Brookfield Zoo.


It seems I cannot escape my in-laws. They are invading my Cincinnati home this weekend. Good thing is that my father-in-law and I will most likely do manshit in the basement so I won’t hear the crazy old loon upstairs much. We’ll probably retire to Hollywood (formerly Jack’s) on Saturday night for some games and beer. Unsure of what but probably lite something or other.


We’re out of COVID jail. Kept it to one daughter and family has all tested negative for a few days now. So we’ll be celebrating by going no where. It’s my wife’s busy season so I’ve got the kids to myself while she has a few more sessions and catches up on editing.


I think there’s a pumpkin patch in out hotizon slash this weekend? I don’t know. I think from here on out there’s some sort of farm activity happening every weekend until I die or the season is over. Whichever happens first.


It’s time for another Saturday of Stupidity! Following a couple Grain Belts I’ll be at Historic TCF Bank Huntington Bank Gopher Football Stadium to watch the Gophers hopefully Shredder the turtles. Then I’ll hop the green line to head to Allianz Field to watch the Loons struggle through another 90 minutes on their quest to get knocked out in the 1st match of the MLS playoffs again while consuming a couple Loon Juice ciders.


I’ll be on day 5 of my honeymoon in Punta Cana. I won’t be watching football because free drinks and buffets and ocean and pool, but also because the one channel titled “American Sports” doesn’t mean college football. Don’t pity me.

RU in VA

I will be taking care of two additional children that are not my own. This will not be fun. There is a dining room remodel/wallpapering/beadboarding/shipshearding thing happening as well. I think I have some Starr Hill IPAs downstairs, in addition to some weird 7% cinnamon maple donut ciders that I picked up from Costco last weekend. Not a cider fan, but I guess we’ll see where they take me.


I’ll be actively house hunting this Saturday, because watching Purdue - Wisconsin is for suckers. I’m definitely not going to check the score 2 minutes into the game, get my hopes up and ditch my house hunting efforts in order to drink Warsteiner Dunkels and watch Purdue lose again. Not happening


Central Pennsylvania again, really enjoying the phenomenon that is a changing season. We’re going to an orchard Saturday morning, soaking in the foliage on the way, then it’s back to my couch for Goose Islands. I’m hoping we start a bit of a QB controversy this week, but in a good way.

Alright, nerds. Down to the comments you go, let’s hear what you’re doing tomorrow. Someone tell BRT a good place to eat in Asheville.