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The OTE Week 8 Mailbag Request is getting ready for some rock fights

It’s time to start getting serious about the division races and the questions.

“WHATTYA MEAN I GOTTA COUNT BY 2s? I CAN’T DO THAT! I WENT TO IOWA! By the way, have I ever showed you the tattoo?”
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Purdue, who was ranked #25 due solely to beating Iowa, got hammered by wisconsin yesterday. Predictably, they fell out of the polls. Iowa’s reward? They’re back in the top 10 somehow. Remember that poll in last week’s mailbag answers where I asked if OTE “writers” or AP voters were more clueless and 51% of respondents said it was us? Yeah, y’all are wrong.

But thankfully, we’re out of the time of year where anyone needs to care about Purdue (except for our OTE basketball previews and predictiosn) because it’s time to get serious. Michigan State and Michigan fight to see whose the best team in the mitten and who might be the 2nd-best team in the East. Iowa travels to wisconsin in the battle of who can get to 9 points first. Penn State gets ready to get blasted in CBus. Minnesota goes to the litterbox to see if they can avoid dicktripping against Northwestern. And some other B1G teams play too. It’s a big weekend, and it’s great to have after a couple weekends of byes and low-stakes games.

So ask us questions, like BradNortmansActingCoach did in SMDC when he pondered who would be more upset at a 1st half targeting suspension for Graham Mertz: wisconsin fans or Iowa fans. It’s a good one because Graham Mertz is bad, but noted QB guru Paul Chryst has determined that he’s the best choice available.

We’re always happy to take a swing at football questions or any other questions that you think we can help with. In the meantime, I need to go bake some banana bread and read about the history of punk rock in Minneapolis. Have a great night and a good week if you can.