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How In The Hell Did Penn State Football Manage That? Big Ten Football Week 8 Recap

It’s not every week you see a generational dicktrip

NCAA Football: Illinois at Penn State
“seriously, please explain what i’ve done wrong because i sense the answer is ‘many things’”
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, sickos!

I’ll have much more to write about Illinois’ 2-run shot to walk it off in the bottom of the ninth, but for now you’ll have to settle for listening to a pretty comprehensive recap. There’s a lot to unpack.

  • How did Illinois manage to physically dominate Penn State for an entire regulation period?
  • How much of a statement is this about Bret Bielema’s identity and credibility in the Big Ten?
  • How did Penn State allow this to happen?
  • We tried to answer as many questions as we could about how Penn State allowed this to happen, but many remain.
  • Was PJ Mustipher really a singular difference between stopping the run and becoming a sieve, or is there more at play?
  • How could Jams Franklin not have a backup plan for Sean Clifford? We genuinely never figured it out.


  • What’s going on with Maryland’s defensive scheme?
  • Did you ever think you’d hear “at some point Purdue’s offense is going to need to step up to match their defense”?
  • Why is nobody talking about Real Life Big Ten West Contender Minnesota?