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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 8

Welcome to Where We Be, What We Be Drinking, where OTE’s “writers” tell me what their weekend plans are while they’re pretending to pay attention to a meeting on Zoom.

Our drinks are wet, livers swollen, and grills dirty. Let’s see what everyone is up to.


I somehow talked my parents into letting me drop the twins off at their place for the day, so I’ll have my first actually relaxing Saturday in two and a half years. I had planned on making chili, but now I’m talking myself into making some steaks. In any case, the night will end the same way I end every Halloween Eve: by drinking a bunch of pumpkin beers and watching my favorite movie, The Thing.

Brian Gillis

Very excited to report that I’ll be in East Lansing this weekend for a top ten match-up that few could say they saw coming. What I’m drinking will entirely depend on the game’s outcome.


I’ll be attending my first Maryland game since that time we almost beat Ohio State somehow. We are all mostly going to scratch our tailgating itch, as it has also been quite sometime since we have done that...for certain reasons. It is a noon game, so I probably won’t be too aggressive. Some Natty Boh and some local crafty bois.


Why on earth did someone decide Northwestern-Minnesota needed to be a 2:30pm kick? Right at the peak of what’s promising to be a beautiful fall day in the Twin Cities, I’ll be positioned on the couch, pouting and drinking a Surly 12pk that someone had dropped off for me a month ago. But, because I actually like unions, I’ll be using a Minnesota beer to toast our rivals for the day: something from Fair State, likely their 100 Pies black lager and some BBRR sour stuff. Then, when that game’s over and my mom has snarkily texted me, I get to go sit in a suite at the Timberwolves game. Which...could be cool? It’ll be the first T-Pups game I’ve been to since I was 12.

Green Akers

Because of the successful lobbying of bleeding-heart couch protectionists, Michigan State-Michigan is a noon kick rather than the night game it should be. Debating whether to go out or not; as the wedding clock ticks loudly indeed, chancing virus exposure at this point seems like a dubious risk/reward proposition.


I think I’m going to go to Nebraska’s game! I’ve been traveling most of this week, so I may decide to stay home instead, but the weather looks nice and this is one of the few remaining games the Huskers actually have a shot in. Of course, they’ll blow it, but if it’s a nice fall day, I’ll probably forgive them.

RU in VA

Father Milkovich style.

I will be attending adult Halloween parties, taking the kids trick or treating, and coaching my last kids’ soccer game before they move on to brighter futures. I’ll likely have too much of some terrible martini and be hungover on Sunday. I believe Rutgers is playing some team from the Midwest, they will likely get blown out or lose in a close and disappointing fashion, and my life will continue as usual. ALTHOUGH, ALTHOUGH - I DID JUST BUY FAMILY TICKETS for the RU versus Maine game during Holiday Break. Time for the mini-mes to see Geo Baker rip jumpers from the elbow in person.


This Saturday I’ll be taking my family out to the Chicago suburbs again for a playdate / get together that my wife’s friends are putting together. There should be some local IPAs there for me, and I might pick up a little bit of Zombie Dust for the party.


I will be in Cincy for the foreseeable future as high school basketball season has begun for our squad. We have tryouts Saturday morning, so uncertain what time I’ll get back. Sprinkle in a couple of days off work that will be filled with finishing the basement and winter projects, and I just might not watch the horrendous Hoosier football team at all. As for drinks, maybe grab a sixer of Rhinegeist beer at Kroger for while I’m using power tools.


I’ll be in Central Minnesota helping repair deer stands, despite the fact that 1) I haven’t been deer hunting in 20ish years and 2) My nephew is a teenager and therefore perfectly capable of being forced to hang precipitously from trees while using Ryobi power tools. The morning will start with Irish coffee a few Grain Belt Nordeasts when I’m done, assuming I’m not writhing on the ground in pain while children laugh at me.


The movers brought out our stuff Monday,, so there’ll be a few few beers while Mrs. pkloa directs my manual labor. Don’t know how much of the Lions at Buckeyes game ill get to watch, which is most likely for the best. So I’ll be unpacking boxes and rearranging furniture and rearranging furniture and rearranging furniture and...


I’ll be in NE Florida drowning my sorrows with a local brew. Mocama is a new microbrew on my little island. And I love their Cosmico IPA. But at 7% ABV it hits a bit. Here’s the description:

This beer starts with an agreeable, slightly toasty malt backbone that tones down the bitterness you may recall from the IPAs of yesteryear. The unique ester profile of the “Conan” yeast strain is reminiscent of peaches and serves as a perfect complement to the bright citrus and juicy tropical fruit aromas of Sultana and Citra hops. For bittering, we chose the dual-purpose El Dorado hop varietal to impart a balanced bitterness along with flavors of pear and watermelon.


I’ll be in Cincinnati enjoying the Halloween weekend by drinking a yet to be determined beer and entertaining my niece by wearing a dinosaur costume (she loves dinosaurs).


I would prefer to be out trick or treating with my children, but that’s not in the cards this year. Instead, I’ll be home, catching up on work, and watching Penn State gets its [expletive] [expletive] [expletive] for [checks channel] three hours, and wondering how things went downhill so suddenly in the span one calendar month.

Dead Read

Nebraska is 0-7 when I have the nephews over to watch the game. We will be eating Runza and watching Nebby explore new vistas of derpage. I’ve already convinced myself that the string will run to 0-8. But anyway, GBR.


I WILL BE IN THE LEGENDARY MEMORIAL STADIUM on Saturday having just bought the most expensive Illini football ticket of my life ($65!!!!! For ILLINOIS FOOTBALL AT HOME!!!). Ticket prices are 50% higher than before our UNC game in 2016.

could the legends be true?


I don’t know, but I’m excited to find out after crushing some Nutgerbombs in Grange Grove

What’s a Nutgerbomb you ask? Simple. Drop a shot of peanut butter whiskey into a red ale of your choice (Killian’s will do fine in a pinch)


Alright everyone, let’s go slam our morning Nutgerbombs and meet back in the comments to discuss our weekend plans. Happy Friday, sports fans, I love all of you degenerates.


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