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The OTE Weekly Mailbag Actually Wants To Talk About Football!

You know, I think we should talk about football now that Iowa fans are leaving us alone

NCAA Football: Rutgers at Illinois
Ron Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Good evening! I need a distraction from watching the Vikings “play football” so let’s do this!

Yesterday was awesome. We got an incredible Michigan-MSU, a nailbiting PSU-OSU, a wild Indiana-Maryland, a ridiculous Purdue-Nebraska, an Illinutgersy Rutgers-Illinois, a ridiculous Minnesota-Northwestern, and whatever the hell Iowa-wisconsin was. Would it have been more awesome if Iowa knew how to play football? Sure, but that didn’t happen. So we got 6 great games and that last one for an wonderful weekend of B1Gness. Will next weekend live up to the standard set? Absolutely not, but we can dream.

Now that we got that out of our system, let’s get rolling on a new week of excitement as the calendar flips to November and we wind down another season of college football. Ask us whatever you’d like about football (as long as it’s not about the Vikings because hot damn is this team miserable) or other stuff and we’ll do our best to answer, and I’ll even remember to add my responses! I hope.

Thank you for your continued support of OTE, good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow.